which 26in. uni should I buy?

After 6 wks. of riding a bent hub 20in,and a 24in.dinosaur schwinn Im
ready to go newer and bigger.My riding will be fitness, light
commuting,and park freestyle.Im 5ft 10,180 lbs.I can spend up to 200+.
Im considering a Semcycle,a Miyata, Nimbus, and Torker.I wont be
hopping or launching much.I know this question has been around forever,
and everyone has their favorites.I think I will probably want a wider
tire that works well on the road.


Nimbii are great, I’ve used my 24 x 3 nimbus muni for fitness and mild commuting for years.

A 24 x 3 is a bit bigger than your current 24, being pretty much the same diameter as a normal 26".

I’ve also done a fair bit on my nimbus 29-er, which is better for the roads. It developed puncture issues, possibly cos it was an upgraded 28" and maybe the rim wasn’t ideal. I expect that the new Nimbus stock 29-ers will have better rims.

Certainly a 29-er is an amazing ride, I preferred it with 150mm cranks as it was good for the hills and still went really fast; and that was with a 2.1 tyre; apparently the Big Apple fatter tire is even better.

I like the 24 x 3 because it’s been ultra reliable (a couple of crank loosings and, as far as I can recall, at most one puncture), with 150mm cranks it’s good at tackling the really steep hills where I live.

I’ve never used a 26", but I’m sure it will be as good as the 24".

One good thing about the Nimbus is that the frame is wide- other unicycle frames may not fit a 3" tyre.

It would be worth considering getting a larger frame- a 28" or the new 29" frame will take a 24 x 3 tire and give you the option of putting in a bigger wheel later.

When you say 200+, is that $ or £?

A few months back I was trying to decide between the Nimbus MUni 26 inch and the Yuni Journeyman 26 inch. As far as I know, there is no Torker 26incher at the moment. I don’t think there is a Miyata 26inch uni as well. There is a Semcycle that looks nice, but for some reason, it did not make my final choice (perhaps it was unavailable at the time).

I chose the Nimbus because of the KH-like saddle and the big fat Muni tire and the double walled Alex rim and indestructable pedals. I knew I would be clumsy with it, so I needed something that would not be too bothered with hitting the concrete.

The Yuni has a slightly better frame, and the Kovachi wheel looked tempting, but ultimetly I went with the Nimbus 26 inch because it appeared to be a real good bargain.

(Drats! I just checked unicycle.com and it appears that the 26 inch Nimbus MUni is out of stock till christmas)

However, in the touring section, there is a very nice sounding Nimbus 29 inch! It must have just arrived. (I say nice sounding because as of this writing, there is no photo…yet) As with the other Nimbus models, it has a really nice price! Comes with a big apple…

Anyway, that Yuni Journeyman may not be a bad choice for a 26 inch touring machine.

My 2 cents (I really like my 26incher–I have a hookworm on it now, and it’s really cool. It will be better when the freemounting improves…)