Which 24" to get...

I am trying to decide which of the following to buy…

#1 - A used 24" Torker DX w/hydraulic rim brake that’s a few years old but is basically unridden. Price - $300 from craigslist

#2 - A new 24" nimbus w/o/ brake w/KH saddle. Price -$320ish from unicycle.com

#3 - A new 2010 24" Torker DX w/o brake. Price - $220 from amazon

I’m a newer rider so I’m not sure when/if I will actually start to use the brake. Any input from you seasoned riders would be helpful.



Brakes are for steep stuff. If you picture yourself riding down lots of steep hills, go for the brake on Craigslist. Otherwise, you don’t need it, or at least won’t for a while.

git this!!!


its just a little more expensive but around your price range and good :slight_smile:

EDIT: just read what you said…its cheaper than the torker dx with the brake and the nimbus but more expensive but more expensive then the new torker dx from amazon :slight_smile:

If the used Torker DX is the older red and black model I would not pay $300 for it (heavy, non-ISIS splined cranks make finding cranks in other lengths difficult). Getting the new DX for $220 and adding a brake from Bryce would be a much better value.

The Nimbus is a very good unicycle also.


Thanks for the input! You all have any thoughts on the Torker saddle?


Torker saddles are not great (but not terrible).

I’d go for the Nimbus.



Thanks for the input. Although the 2010 Torker seams like a good deal, I’ve been leaning toward the Nimbus. Nimbus it is then. Going to order one up asap.


I have both the Torker DX saddle, and the KH Freeride, and have to say I prefer he Torker saddle.
There are not alot of riders that agree though - not sure why.
The DX saddle is much softer than te KH - not as high quality, but more comfortable. I modified mine by removing the cover and cutting a groove down the center of the foam. Didn’t make too much difference though.
The KH saddle is harder - and the cover is replacable. The material doesn’t cause you to sweat as much.
I also tried the Nimbus Gel saddle, and found this to be the least comfortable of the 3.

By the way, the Torker DX doesn’t (mine didn’t) come with brake mounts. Nimbus does.

If I were to do it again, I would probably go with the Nimbus as well, but swap out the seat. (but you may like the Nimbus saddle)

I have the Torker CX, LX, DX, Nimbus Gel & the KH Air, and the newer Freeride, the one w/ the ridge gut out down the center.

The DX is the most comfortable of the Torkers, but the stock shape is too round IMO. The Nimbus has a better, flatter shape but much harder (I’m not sure harder is a good or a bad thing). The KH Air requires fiddling and A LOT of trial and error and eventually I got it a bit better than the Nimbus. It was nice to get 1-2" of shock absorbtion though on the Air. My KH Freeride is softer than the DX and is not as good for impacts, but overall the most comfortable for me.

Any of these seats could be modified w/ the DX giving the most foamm to work with (same as the older KH), but only the KH seats have easily removable/replaceable covers. I’ve only tried modifying my air saddle.