Which 24" to buy?

Hi all.

I have been riding a cheap 20" freestyle for a couple of months now and I have made a lot (i.e. I can ride it - nothing fancy) of progress.
I do like “exploring” the local environment, nothing hetic yet, just the little slopes and the odd bit of rough ground, but the taste to go further is definitely there.

The 20" is not really up to the task as I feel the wheel is a bit too small for the terrain that I like to ride over and I am also still about 20kg overweight.

I would like to get a 24" muni/trails with (probably) 150mm cranks (I am 5’7" tall with a 29"-30" inside leg)

What would you recommend? I was thinking about splashing out on a KH, but is this overkill for my ability and could I make do with something a bit cheaper?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Captain,

I am right there with you, I went from a cheap 24" that my wife bought me for my birthday a year ago to a KH 24 Freeride that I bought for my birthday this year. She bought my first uni as a joke, I am completely addicted now!

The new ride instantly made me a better rider, the wider tire and stoutness (is that a word?) gives you all kinds of stability and confidence. The day it arrived I rode down a hill in my yard that I never even imagined trying before.

It sounds like you enjoy the same kind of terrain as I do, I ride on old railroad track beds that are now 4 wheeler and snowmobile trails. Relatively flat but rough and muddy. Small drops and steep hills are what I am working on now. I bought a brake after riding at a ski resort, I did well but a brake would have been a huge help.

So I would advise buying the best you can afford and let your ability grow into it. My KH feels so sturdy, as if I have the balls to try something, that muni will be able to handle it, the blue is cool too. I am about your size too, I had to cut the seat post way down, but now it fits really well. Buy a brake on ebay as opposed to unicycle.com, you’ll save around $100.


I think that you might have talked me into getting what I really want, but was too scared to buy!



PS what size cranks have you got? are they 165mm? how do you get on with them?
The 20" that I have at the moment has 127mm cranks and the transition to 170mm (the current supplied length with the KH 24") seems a bit scary - they are as long as the ones on my road bike!


You’ll want at least 165mm cranks if you’re going to be doing serious MUni (up and down hills with hops and such). Shorter cranks can be OK for cross-country, but not for real MUni.

You should look at the Qu-Ax and Onza MUnis, which both should be fine for almost any kind of riding. Anything with a splined crankset should be up to the task.

I just went with the stock 165 cranks, I figured the man (KH) knows more about this than I do so I’d give them a shot and see if they need tweaking. They haven’t yet. Sometimes I am tempted to get even longer cranks for more power and, I would imagine, stabilty. But just think about it, you are already riding trails on a narrow tire, short cranks, and weak frame, riding a KH Freeride will seem like a Cadillac!

I can’t comment on tholub’s suggestion of a Onza or Qu-Ax, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a local shop where you could ride them all and compare, dare to dream!!!

i like doing what you’re saying and i think u should get the kh 05 freeride
its awesome for trials and especially for muni

I hear a shinny, new KH calling your name…

I knew that I couldn’t hold on for long, so I’ve just ordered the 2005 Onza Muni - I should have it by next week

I’ve also ordered some sixsixone shinpads for all the mindless nonsense that I’ll be doing on it!

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Hooked:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats. Definitely let us know how it works out. I’m very interested. I’m building a 29er right now but I’m also looking at upgrading from my Torker DX24 to a new 24. Then I can just leave my DX here at work for running between buildings (and practicing at lunch).

Ouch! A Onza over a KH, bad move… Just kidding! I have no idea…

Good move getting the 661 gear, you might want to look at the full leg armor, it’s saved me a couple of times. Make sure you have good full finger gloves too. A friend of mine says “always protect the pointy parts.” Words I live by.

Definitely report back on the quality of the Onza. Have fun.

I have the onza and I love it.


It’s just as well that I’ve got a new one coming, I’ve broken the old one.

I thought that it felt a bit wobbly yesterday and when I checked it tonight, I found that it’s cracked at the bottom of both forks…

Cheap rubbish rant rant rant…

I guess it’s a trip to the LBS where I got it from. If they don’t want to replace it I’ll get trading standards onto them. I’ve only had it about 10 weeks…


Well, when you’re doin’ 10’ drops w/ an el cheapo 20"…:wink:

I’d get a 28".
But that’s just me.
I was riding a 24" 70s schwinn for years and loved it, but wanted more.
So I got the Sun 28" for $89. It’s great for exploring, fast, but still with good manuverabilty. I take it off 2-foot drops all the time with no problem, and easily jump on ledges 10 inches high.
Also works fine for wheel walking and one foot riding…I can’t do any other freestyle stuff. I’ve also riden it around in a skate park, but it wasn’t really suited for that.

I also have a Kris Holm freeride 24" It makes doing everything above easier, and it looks cooler. Is it worth the price? For me yes. But if you’re not doing a lot of technical and hardcore stuff, no.

Well I got my Nimbus 26" Muni Yesterday and that’s great fun.

I find it really easy to ride compared to my 20" trials but even at 5’10" with a 32" inside leg the seat post is sticking out the bottom of the frame about 1cm from the tyre.

The cranks on that are the standard 165mm cranks although I think I might change them for some slightly shorter ones in the not too distant future.

It’s definately worth getting a bigger wheel if you want to get into riding any serious distances though, it’s so much easier to ride round the local parks on the new uni.


The LBS just swapped my broken uni (a Raleigh, I think) for a brand new one. Well done Cylcle World Wessex!

I still can’t wait for my Onza, but atleast I’ve got something to ride over the weekend.