Which 135-ish mm ISIS cranks for muni nowadays?

Since KH doesn’t produce Spirit cranks any more, what would you suggest as a good set of ISIS cranks for muni? I’m looking for ~137mm cranks, as they would go on my G29er.

As far as I know, I have the 3 following options:

As I can ride quite hard, I would prefer solid cranks. The One4All model is advertised as being not high-end. I’m afraid I would break these in a relatively short time.
I’d also like cranks whose interface doesn’t wear down too fast. I’ve had issues with my Schlumpf hub because of used cranks which didn’t correctly stick to the hub.
So, what about the 2 other options? Would the Nimbus VCX be strong enough to withstand my riding style? Or would the Mad4One Techno cranks be a better choice, although it is 50€ more expensive?

Thanks for your insights :slight_smile:

Are you looking for immediate purchase or for the future?
UDC UK has some KH Sprit cranks in stock.

I shouldn’t actually advertise for other retailers: The Unicycle Stuff cranks from Mad4One are identical to the ONE4ALL, so you’ll probably get a cheaper price because of the shipping costs/customs. QU-AX is currently offering a 50% discount on Zero Q cranks, but they’re 145mm.

My club has a lot of muni riders, and they push relatively hard. Pretty much my whole club uses Nimbus VCX/VCX+, and we haven’t had a problem yet. The biggest drop i’ve seen it take so far was probably a 1.3m drop, but i’m sure some riders in my club have pushed harder.

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Weird, I see no mention of a sale on their website :thinking:


My favorite cranks, they’ve been 50% off for a while, I bought 1 pair last year. It’s a size that doesn’t sell much. Cranks of this length are more popular when they are dual-hole.
If unicycling on steep slopes were more popular (such as long hill climbs on mountain roads), cranks longer than 140mm would probably be more widely sold. Anyway, single-hole cranks are fine when you’ve got a schlumpf, but without gear it’s better to have cranks with at least 2 holes to be comfortable going up and down.
Sorry for the degression, but I have nothing to say about the choice between the 3 pairs of cranks suggested by @Maxence. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you all for your insights. I will give a try to VCX cranks. Buying 2 sets of those, so I can also mount them on my G36. I find myself too slow with 145 mm cranks, so will try 138 mm instead :smiley: