wheres your other wheel? up your nan.lol

the one thing that pisses me off the most is the way all the non unicyclists always try to say something to annoy you, like omg your unicycle is so gay, or you ride one of them cuz u cant afford a bike. :angry: grrrr :angry: it makes me ANGRY!!! so i want you to tell me the piss take jokes you heaar the most and tell me the cbest replys you can think of, so that i can say something back to those people and make them feel stupid about what they just said! :sunglasses:

i just get off my uni and ask the iff they ‘‘wana go’’ lol

they uasully just go away and say yer mom or something

Search. There are tons of threads with detailed lists of comebacks.

Just blow them a kiss and as your hand extends sharply turn it into the finger :sunglasses:

ive never got any jokes that are offensive but there are some that pi$$ me off, especaily “wheres the other wheel?” which is the most common. i want to say "up your a$$!"but i dont. "Pull a mono! (or wheelie)“I aboslutely hate when they say that, its so gey. not long ago someone yelled that out and i just went, “ha, ha,hahhaha, ha, ha ,hahaha,ha …ha…” in a very lame voice to make them look bad and i think it worked. “360!” reply: alrite, and then perform a 360 or 360 unispin. “backflip”, " how about no…”

i hate the “pull a mono!”… :angry:

Check this thread for more comebacks:


Being mean and hypocritical

You know, there really aren’t enough of these threads :roll_eyes:
I myself did my part and created one, though admittedly I don’t mind the lame jokes so much as the kids too small for me to moraly fight harrassing me every other time I go to the collage campus to uni(skatepark.)

I think everyone gets an opportunity to make a stupid thread of this nature, when I did I could barely ride backwards or idle, and was working on basic skills. I also created an overdone thread about wheelwalking around that time. Overall the forums have been very supportive and some people seem more than happy to teach you what helped them learn their new trick, others are a sort of customer support for unicycles.

Anyways, people around here have pretty much gotten used to me and their comments have slowly evolved to “Hey, aren’t you supposed to use the pedals?” or “I’ve seen you around and you’re pretty good, could you teach me?” and I’ve done my part to be more mature and good-humored in my responses when somone does call out an overused joke.

:frowning: Those kids at the skatepark still bug me though…

1) That’s a bad thing, why??? :stuck_out_tongue:
2) Not the best thing to do if you live in my area. :astonished:
3) That’s a good thread, nice find pedrotejada.

i was really upset the other day because this one guy said,’ how stupid, only retards ride one wheeled bikes, go home kid, bikes rule here,’ sooooooo tempted to punch him out!

Haha thanks I forgot about that! I just wanted to use my own so I came up with a few. :slight_smile:

I know exactly what you mean. I once found out where a guy who offended me while he was on his BMX and i was on my coker lived and my mate went over and snapped off the front tyre of the bike and did a runner with it. :smiley:

Most of the people are just trying to be funny and supportive. They are not trying to annoy you. All the non-riders think they are original and funny when they come up with “where’s your other wheel” and all the other standard one-liners that we have heard. I even had a police officer offer to write a report for my missing wheel. Just smile, wave (with all your fingers) and keep riding. Set a good example for us.

I have had a few insulting (okay, annoying) remarks. I just wave or ignore them and ride on.

Be nice. :slight_smile:

“You’re the Man” is a compliment. I’d say “thank you.”


Can’t you afford another wheel?

Well you dont even have 1, can’t afford that…?

I’m usually wearing my mp3 player when I ride, so I don’t hear most of the stuff people say. Although, I do have it low enough so I can hear. Most people see that I have earbuds in and don’t say anything. Its mostly when I’m walking, and from the older crowd that people say stuff to me like “Hey, I think you be missing a wheel there”…I look down and say “yeah, I am…and if you find the f****r who stole it, can you let me know?”…after that, they usually don’t say anything else. (I do leave the expletive out for some people)
I try to answer them as witty as I can, as I don’t want them to think i’m a complete asshat.

Try a total non-sequitur.

Them: “Where’s your other wheel”?

You: “Yes, Tuna on rye sounds great…oh and I’ll take a large pepsi with that thanks!”:smiley:

I thought about getting a shirt customized with this written on it,
“SERIOUSLY, does it look like I need another wheel?”

Them… You’re missing a wheel.

Me…I don’t need a training wheel anymore. Thanks!!

  • Where’s your other wheel?

  • Government.