"Where's your other wheel?" Question Solved

Dr. D +1 for originality. :slight_smile:

I usually go with the “I don’t need the training wheel” or the longer version with the recession I decided to cut back, :smiley:

I’ve told a few people that I’m just too lazy to get a second one. Then if I’m feeling conversational, I’ll add something like “And besides, half as many wheels, half as many injuries/half the effort” :smiley:

Lately I have been pointing out to people that it is them, not me, who is missing a wheel, and suggest that they visit Unicycle.com.

As I crossed three “athletic” walkers one told the other: “to run that thing you need to change your brain for a gyroscope”
So I suggest the correponding picture on your helmet so you can point to it: “here it is!” (pic of a wheel made out of brain stuff … :astonished: )

In the weekend I were at the Danish Trial and MUni Nationals. We were at a mountain bike track to ride up- and downhill and some muontain bike riders came and they said “Where’s your other wheel?” and I said to them “My other wheel?! isn’t it you who’s rinding with supporting wheels?!!”