"Where's your other wheel?" Question Solved

I commute to work by unicycle 2 or 3 times a week, so I figure the frequency of the question deserves a response. As suggested by my brother, I now keep a small wheel in my pocket. When ever asked “Where’s your other wheel” or “you lost a wheel” etc., I pull out the ‘spare’. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s an old rubber caster wheel, if I find a wheel that lighter (and free), possibly a roller blade wheel or something similiar, all upgrade to that.

It’s a friendly route, so hopefully the response will add a bit more to the day. :smiley:

i say that i left it at your moms house

Come on unireed. :astonished:
Dr D, you don’t have to put up with that! :roll_eyes: :smiley:

to be honest i usually say i dont need it

“It’s you who use too many wheels”, well I’m not sure it that would be the right way to say it in English but the idea is that it’s not that we lack a wheel, 2 wheels are just too many…

Eeee. That’s the kind of thing I would do if I got asked that enough.

SO. I will go find a tiny wheel, and carry it around 24/7, so even if I get asked at ANY time, they will know I have the second wheel.

Daniorama: that’s what I’m telling all the time when I see tourists using 4 wheeler bike rikshas in Cracow. Or something like “so many wheels! How can you control that”
But it is also applicable for two wheelers :wink:

Maybe I should get a nice 20" uni and carry it around on my back when riding my 29er. Then there would be no problem with the reply :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is an amusing thought. It would probably just cause open jaws.

I just say, “It’s the economy!” :slight_smile: Always gets a laugh!

i usual say is why over do it

Someone asked me where was my other wheel once, I hd my Trials uni on my back so I had the good answer. Or sometimes when I ride with friends we’re not always at the same speed so if they ask me this I just point my friend:p

i always say i’m searching for it right now… usually people just laugh but the other day someone responded to it and said “oh, do you need a ride?”

then i just went back to the usual…ignoring…sorry, can’t hear ya…got headphones on…lol

Its in the Wash today!! :astonished:

or on a rainy day: Its at home staying DRY!! :smiley:

I usually say that I can already ride without supporting wheel.

For what purpose? Real men don’t need two wheels.

The extra wheel slows me down

That’s a good one!

My friend almost got in a fight after saying that

I say the same as Hugo: i`m Twelve, my father has learnd me to ride without supporting wheels…:stuck_out_tongue:

“You mean the training wheel?”

If you are trying to be supportive of those balance-challenged individuals who have only mastered two-wheeled cycles, this response may not be appropriate.