Wheres the vee's at?!

Your too lucky to have me, here you are forking out on expensive maggy’s that need constant re adjustment and bleeding well just like mr muscle who came to earth on a a mission to scout out all limescale (or whatever it does) i’m here to intro duco you to your new best friend VEE BRAKES! haha, yes i am sad thank you very much…

but still advantages:
lighter just as strong if not stronger/more bite (with he right combo)
offers better modulation
easier to set up and cheaper depending on spec
and best of all no more snapped cable and water/oil squirting everywhere

probably the only disadvantage i can think of the arms that move (which wouldn’t stick out further enough i don’t think) might have the ever so slight chance to catch your leg in a trick, is this why people don’t use them?

i could have made this post shorter had i just asked “do vee brakes get in the way of doing tricks?” but i like-a-it-long, if anyone’s read my other posts your probably thinking i get paid by the word :stuck_out_tongue:

Some people do use V-brakes on unicycles. One problem is that even the tallest ones only JUST clear a 3" tyre (which is common on munis), so tyre/cable clearance is too tight, certainly in mud.

Strength of braking isn’t the most important thing in unicycling - modulation is far more important. Most of the time you don’t just want to lock the wheel solid like in trials biking (People don’t use brakes for trials unicycling at all). Brakes are used to control a descent. Maguras have very good modulation.

And the other one is the one you already mentioned - if your leg presses against a V-brake it will press the blocks onto the rim. That won’t happen with Maguras.

One bad point about Maguras (apart from cost and weight of course) is that they need to be set up quite close to the rim, so brake rub is more of a problem when powering up hills. Caliper brakes (or V-brakes) can be set up with much more clearance.

I don’t use Maguras on a unicycle, BTW. I have no brake on my muni and a BMX caliper on my 36". If I was to put a brake on the muni, I’d probably go with Maguras mainly because of the tyre clearance issues. I do use Magura HS66 on a touring tandem - fantastic, no more problems with rear brake cable stretch.


I’ve run maguras and v’s on my 29er, as it came with v-brake mounts.

Maguras, once you’ve got them fitted, you don’t ever need to maintain them unless you break the tube somehow. V-s, I had to adjust quite often. I also managed to break the noodle thingy on the v-s at one point, and snap a cable somehow too.

The modulation on maguras is easily as good as v brakes - and it is much easier to get sorted out, and much less susceptible to wheel wobble and frame flex. I’ve done a big 500m descent on maguras with a wheel bashed out of true with no problems, whereas with the v brakes I found knocking the wheel out of true meant brakes pretty much not working.

I also found in practice, v brakes aren’t that much cheaper than maguras, because you buy all the parts separately, whereas maguras you just buy a cheap 2nd hand set and you have all the parts there. Not to mention that on most unicycle frames, you need to spend more money on a mount adapter to run v brakes.

V-brakes also have a mount which is way less solid and not so suitable for unicycle frames - my schlumpf v-brake mount, you can see the whole frame flexing and the mount twisting when you put the brakes on - whereas with magura mounts, you have a really solid mount that doesn’t twist at all.

V-brakes do rub on some people’s legs - I was alright, as I’m tallish and obviously have the right shaped legs, but I know quite a few people rode my unicycle and got brake rub.

I don’t like using maguras, hydraulic brakes seem like overkill for unicycling, and I’d prefer to have something that you can fix on the trail, but in practice they are way better than v-brakes for a muni.


i guess i’ll just shout up then :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t know what wonderful maggys you have but mine need adjustments every 2 hours bleeding every 4 rides and lots of maintenance since i run water bled maggys the seals and pistons don’t get oiled like if you ran oil so every now and then you have to take said maggy off and spray wd40 everywhere to keep the piston from being lazy

so no to vee’s then i guess…

My maguras - I got em 2nd hand off ebay, they were pretty bashed up to start with. They were front brake length, so I haven’t taken the tubes off ever.

I put em on last July. I’ve ridden a week in the alps (probably 25 hours of proper downhilling), been to Australia (probably another 15 hours of muni + riding around), Scotland (another 10 - 15 hours), plus easily 100 hours of local muni and riding in the Peak District. I’m gonna have to change the pads at some point not too far in the future, but I haven’t done any maintenance on them. I presume they’re still bled with normal magura oil, but to be honest I wouldn’t know, I got em off some random trials kid, who knows what has been done to them.

My other set of maguras on my road unicycle - I bought in March and ran them for ride the lobster - a bit over 160 miles of riding in the race, plus probably close to a thousand miles of training.

I think maybe maguras are something that rewards my zero maintenance habits - many people seem to have hassles with them because they feel a need to take them apart, bleed them etc. even when they are working fine, whereas if left alone from the start, they seem to work okay.