wheres the unicon video?


yea someone had to film something.

If this is about the uniconnews vodcast episode #8, please give me a while to edit stuff to a decent documantairy.
I will announce it extra (besides in the RSS) here in R.S.U. once it’s up.

If you were asking for the uniconnews DVD…
that will take a long while. I’m just halfway of rendering the tapes to computer (and now need an even bigger hard-disk).
Editing will be horrible job, as it will be hard to cut stuff back to “just” 1 or 2 DVD’s.

didnt any one else film any thing???

nope not ur stuff leo just any videos

Why cant you?? technical problems?? or something else?

Gilby might block her if she uploads the one of him dancing…:stuck_out_tongue:


Might be worth the risk, still…


I’m looking forward to get Leo’s UniconXIII DVD. I haven’t had the time to take pics or vids myself.

too busy. Reto

i want to see this too

Why not upload it to google video instead or another free hosting provider.

Was there a BC compitition there?

nope, only a Jeff Groves.

Brillient, excellent and great.

Who was that dork trying to stand up wheel walk? psshhh.

Ha, great times. Jeff was so funny, and drunk haha.


that’s quite a nice movie

I want more

and if anybody filmed the following, please upload! PLEASE! :slight_smile:
street, individuals, standard skill, pairs

HAHA, unicycle.com stickers all over Jeff’s bedford bc, thats funny.

that video was great. Some parts were funny as hell.