'Where's the rest of your bike'...confronted

Well, I was waiting at a corner for a light to change, and 2 people (grown adults, in there 30-40’s) walked across and were waiting for my same light.

One said something, as the other did…the ‘other’ said 'Wow, you must really go fast with that! (my coker). After I talked with him about it, and told him of the ad/disadvantages to ithe bigg’un, I said to the other, ‘I’m sorry man, what did you say?’ (I actually didn’t hear what he said)

He goes, ‘I said, where’s the rest of your bike?’ (now just a statement instead of a ‘witty’ comment)

Being at the intersection, waiting, I had the chance to speak with him.

I go, ‘C’mon man, do you really think that’s the first time I heard that ?!?’ Do you think that nobody else in this city of 350,000 has ever said anything like that ?!?(very belittling of me, in front of his pal)

“Naw…I guess not,” as he kind of pushed aside the comment. (he actually seemed to slump!)

The other said, ‘Man, I can’t wait for the light! I gotta see this!’

His friend was quiet from then on. It was priceless (to me, anyways)

The other day, I said to one such person, “If it helps, you’re the first today.”

His response was, “That’s because I’m a smart arse.”

I soooooo nearly said, “You didn’t need smart in that sentence.”:smiley:

I just got the “Couldn’t afford the whole bike?” I replied, “Nah, I had a bad accident back there, this was all I could salvage.” He just looked then laughed. Unicycling does bring out the idiot in some.

Re: ‘Where’s the rest of your bike’…confronted

invade his home.

Any negative comment gets a “real men don’t need two wheels” reply from me

much better, i think

I always get the “Can’t afford a real bike eh” and my response is either:
“Yeah, I’m one of those poor student types…”
“Nah, They cancelled the bike course half way through, so I’m stuck on this…”
“No, I just don’t need the training wheel…”

The last one goes down well with cyclists - They tell me I’ve lost a wheel, I tell them to lose their training wheel.

Few weeks ago a guy on a bike says “Thats a funny looking bike…” so I looked at him and said “No, thats a funny looking unicycle…” he seemed to like that.

Remember, folks, these people actually are coming up with these responses on their own. I know it gets old, but they’re making conversation, which is a positive thing. That’s why I try to reply with something that tells them I’ve heard it before, but doesn’t belittle them for doing it.

For example, on “Couldn’t afford the whole bike?” I might reply “I got it at a half-off sale!” or “Whole bikes are only half the fun!”

I should dredge up my old list of “Snappy Comebacks to Stupid Remarks” which was used in the USA Newsletter around 1981, and start collecting more recent additions. Most have been around since '81, of course, such as my favorite:

Q: “What do you do if you get a flat?”
A: “I move my furniture in.”

As I was uniing along a bike/ jogging path last night, I was digging through my bag looking for my snack when a jogger came up behind me. I let him pass and as he was doing so, he says “well, I’ve never raced a Unicycle before” My response “you should feel good, your winning”

Just to clarify, I was on my 20 inch AND looking through my pack while riding. I’m not that slow.

AND today, while sitting on my bumper suiting up I had an elderly couple walk up to me and say, You can’t ride one of those…can you? Then they told/instructed me to start riding so they could see. After a brief demonstration, they were sufficiently impressed. The woman said to the man, “you’re too old to ride that.” The man replies to the woman, “so are you.”

Classic moments in riding


That’s hilarious!

A few years ago, I rode my unicycle to a friend’s house the day before her wedding. The bride’s elderly parents were visiting from out of town, and her mother in particular was VERY interested in the unicycle. We talked for a bit, and then I offered flippantly, “Hey, you wanna try it?” Much to my horror, the old lady’s head snapped up and her eyes twinkled. She hesitated only briefly before grinning maniacally and saying, “Sure!”

My friend refused to come out of the house while her parents were riding around the driveway (supported) on the unicycle. I must admit that we all breathed a sigh of relief when the mother AND the father completed their consective uni-debuts without any injury to the wedding party (but it was GREAT FUN!)

Yes, I tried to kill the mother of the bride on the eve of her only daughter’s wedding…

So you were probably wise not to let the couple have a go!

My brother was riding a little ways ahead of me on his uni. He passes some guy drinking some beer with his buddies, the guy says, “Hey man, where’s your other wheel?” He laughs out loud with his buddies.
My bro just keeps riding, and then i come along on my uni, and he yells up to my brother,“Hey man, I found your other wheel.”
I thought it was pretty funny.

I guess people do think they are making it up, and that we dont hear that type of comment periodically.