¿Where's the cheapest place to get a coker?

I rode one for the first time yesterday and I’m already addicted! I must have one! The only problem is that I’m going to have a limited budget, so I’m looking for bargains. ¿Any ideas?

I have a steel rim wheel that has been sprung and then retrued. I rode it until I got an airfoil rim. It has a standard 4 taper axle, 12 gauge steel spokes, and a rubber rim strip. Both bearings are still mounted you can have it for free if you pay for the shipping. That’s a good, cheap start,

Then you need a tire, tube, frame, cranks, pedals, seatpost, and a saddle. The tire will cost you the most unless you can get a used one. I wear mine down to the core.

After someone posted asking about this place I realized that with the free shipping this is a good deal:
339.99 for a radial 36 - free shipping
349.99 for a coker - free shipping

another option would be to get a jorb at a bike shop, then order one directly from Coker for cost.

That is actually quite a brilliant idea.

Truly a brilliant idea.