Where's that video w/ the mountain ultimate wheel?

I saw a video on here a while ago and saw this crazy guy riding downhill over logs and such on a large ultimate wheel with a bright yellow frame. Anybody know where it’s at? :thinking:

PM “mawsome” he knows stuff about it

Yeah what he said.

Im not sure where the clip is but it was from the Chiltern Muni Weekend in Victoria, Australia.

yeh that would have been kevin search the gallery for ‘onebyone’ it will prolly be in there

You sure you’re not thinking of Brian MacKenzie and some scenes from Training Wheel Not Required?

The only guy i kno who fits that description(crazy, big yellow UW, maybe a guy(jokes Brian)) is Brian Mackenzie…Hes a cool guy …maybe a PM is in order…Hmmm.

I invented the Yellow one (you can see it in TWNR), then told Mal Bird from Australia how to make his orange one, they are basically the same design.

Adam Cohen in NYC made a neat one using the airfoil rim, man was it light!!!

how much harder/ easier/ different are coker UW’s than a 24" or 28"?

they are much easier, and much better