Where's that seat reinforcement thread?

I’m looking for that thread that was posted a few months ago where people welded a bar from their seatpost to the front near the handle to strengthen the seat. My KH is getting wacky loose, and it’s time to fix it or break it. WACKY!

I searched, but I’m waiting for that sharp little guy that will quickly come in and post about how he found the thread in 2 minutes.

This thread? Seat post awesomeness


Now it’s time to get building. :smiley:


let me know how you did it, I’m going to have to make enother for my MUni, and I want to know if anybody has new and cool ideas.

Very! I made your 2 minute challenge. :smiley:

Here’s two additional threads on the same theme that may give you some ideas.
Update on my KH seat bracket (to reduce flex)
kh seat thoughts

Another option is to make a stiffener plate that goes inside the seat. You have to do some custom forming to get the bend right and some careful measuring to get the holes in the right spot.

And the ultimate solution is to switch to a carbon fiber seat base. No flex. Light. Strong.

I was going to make a kinda copy of fuego’s design, but now that I see people have done different contructions for it, I’ll ask for some help with ideas when I’m in the machine shop.

I’m a mechanical engineering student and I’m certified to work in the machine shop, so I could probably have fun with this. :smiley:

And yes John, now that I look at it, you made the two minute prediction!:stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that you want to maintain access to the four bolts that hold the seat on and the bolts that hold the handle on. If you make too big of a gusset you may find that you can no longer fit a socket wrench in there to tighten some of the nuts. Think about access while you’re designing it.

i didn’t really have that problem with mine, i just ground it down to accomidate the socket end around the bolt.

I really like the bracket attached to the brake post. I think I’m going to try one like that on my MUni, if I can get it done right. It looks cool / efficient / light.

I’m the one who made the aluminum brackets to attach the seat to the brake mount. http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=35657
As an additional update, the brackets made from 1/8" alum angle have held up great. No signs of cracking or stress in the heavier brackets.

Awesome. What should I use for the aluminum angle piece? I don’t really want to bend it myself, seeing as I don’t really have those skills. Did you just find some part and cannibalize it, then shape it right?

Buy the aluminum already bent at the right angle. This metal can be found at a hardware or builders supply store like Home Depot or Lowes. I used aluminum angle that was1/8" thick and 1" long for each leg. Then just cut off a small piece, cut and file to shape desired and drill the holes. No bending is required.