Where's MuniAddict?

We haven’t heard anything from Terry since May 31st.

Is he alright?

Judging by facebook he’s okay, uploading pictures of animals he’s saved and stuff, i saw one a bit earlier :slight_smile:

Thanks. Good to hear.

I was kind of wondering the same thing but he has been tweeting in June and as AlisterBurt said facebook looks like it’s going well.

well, I think he is training for his 100mi unicycle ride for the amereican cancer society.

Most likely, he just hasn’t left the trails since he got his 29er.

the only time I seemd to hear from him after he got the 29er it was just him making videos for it.

I heard he quit and bought a mountain bike. :astonished:

Now that’s some BS ppppfffff hahaha why would he do his 100 mile race and why would he quite when he just got sponsored by KH? what idiot told you that or are you just saying that to see what people would say? :sunglasses:

That’s what I think. He’s joking. :slight_smile:

Was wondering this myself. Good to hear that’s he’s OK!

I was starting to think that after the success of his Fiesta ad the fame had gone to his head. :smiley:

I miss him on here of late … he is the main reason I come on here.
Old Fellers inspire Other Old Fellers.
Plus … I have really never seen a unist with so much passion for riding…

I’m with Shug. Terry posts a lot of entertaining and inspiring videos.

Where are you Unigeezer!

(And yes I was kidding about him quitting. I thought it might bait him back :wink: )

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your kind and generous words. Once again I feel like I should be paraphrasing the classic “Wayne’s World” chant, “I’m not worthy!”, lol. :o

I’ve been away from the forum for a while, trying to keep my business goin’, and preparing for my century ride on July 11th…ooh! That’s 7/11… Could be a lucky day! :smiley:

I wanted something really meaningful to come out of the ride, so I set up a page with the American Cancer Society, where anyone can go to make a donation, small or large, so it’s for a really good cause. :slight_smile:

I hope everyone is doing great, and I know Kris is starting his BC race tomorrow, so I wish him the best of luck, although I know he doesn’t need it…he’s going to blow people away! Go Kris! :smiley:

Just seen your vid and donated $10 to your cause. Hoping to do a 150 in a day next year or the year after and training for 150 in 4 days this year so kinda know what your going through!

Good luck and keep us updated!

Thanks so much Andy for the donation to the ACS! 150 miles is quite a goal for one day’s riding, but I know you can do it! :slight_smile:

Just chipped in myself. Good luck!