where's Kris???

I just got New World Disorder 3 on DVD. I watched it fully expecting the 2nd
or 3rd bit to be Kris Holm. But alas! No Kris!

I really hope there is a solo video on the horizon. The best part of the New
World Disorder videos is always the unicycling!

Sydney, Australia

A unicyclist in a Mountainbike video is neat for a while…but boring (for non-unicyclists) very quick.

Those movies are designed to get the blood pumping, and I think Kris on a uni (as good as he is) is just too slow.

However, I would like to see uni clips in bike movies.

I even enjoyed watching the mountain boarding segments in NWD I.

I’d like to see clips of down-hill offroad inline skating (each skate has 3 6" pneumatic tires)

I think MT Bikers deserve their own vidoes, much like we do. Would you like to see a mountain biking segement in Universe 2? I don’t think so. My favourite types of videos are ones where they showcase the best talent in many different sports, but if I order a unicycle vid, I want unicycling. A bike vid, biking.

That mountain boarding is pretty cool!

ah, but there was free ride biking in Universe.

Personally I like it when a video is mostly one sport, but still mixes it up with other segments.

I would like to see Kris in a North Shore bike movie…Biking! Of course, if he started at the top, he’d probably have it mastered by the bottom :roll_eyes:

The thing about one-sport movies, though, is sometimes throwing something different that would most likely appeal to the viewing audience, something they may not have considered, is pretty cool.

I would rather see a segment of a different sport then some of those stupid intermission clips that bike movies have. Kranked 4 comes to mind :angry:

I just watched a DVD from the Redbull Ride freeride competition in Austrailia, 2002. Awesome vid. Wade Simmons came in 2nd…he did 3/4 of the run, including the 25ft drop that wiped him out, on a flat rear tire…he knew it was flat, and kept going! Crazy

The last bike video I watched was on on the internet; it was extremely impressive. This is probably why unicycles don’t go very well on bike videos; while a ten foot drop on a unicycle may be harder than a several-storey jump on a bike, the latter is probably more impressive to watch.

http://www.freeride-entertainment.com/videos/clips/freewheel_burning.mov (12MB)


no, there was trials biking in universe, not freeride.

And yes, I would like to see freeride/downhill/trials riding in universe 2, but it aint gonna happen.

Phil, that’s a trailer for ‘Free Wheel Burning’ AKA New World Disorder 3. NWD 1 and 2 were my favourite bike vids…I really like how they put together a movie. (they pick really good soundtracks, as well)I’m gonna get this one for sure.

Is NWD3 just as good as 1 + 2?

GOD D*MN ITS NOT FREERYDE! ITS TRIALS! sorry i’m a bike trials rider too and i get quite offended when i am catagorized as a freeryder

From all this I can only say one thing. That biking is alo like uning and when watching a biker video or my friends dad trails bike it still inspires and interests me and makes me want to go out and do the same thing on a Uni so I really dont know what your all nagging for.

This is something that has puzzled me for ages. What is it about bike riders really disliking people confusing the disciplines? A few of the bike forums I used to glance at were full of people waxing lyrical over something that, to an outside observer, seems somewhat trivial. Could someone explain?


well trials riders have personal styles and techniques, trials rider also have fully rigid bikes (some have a few 30-50 mm of travel on the front) freeryders have either a 5 or 6 inches of travel in the front, and the same in the back they just wheelie off drops and hope for the best. its kind of insulting in a way they way some one calls you a name! (i’d hate to be called a road biker)

A unicycle, Phil? Are you in the circus?

I watched my biker friends copy of Disorder III the other day. It’s pretty good. I think some of the dirt jumping and big drop scenes get a little repetitive, but they are very impressive. There’s also some cool bike trials. My favorite thing was this stunt involving a giant hamster wheel type thing. You ride in to a gap in this huge wheel, and than ride in place while the wheel turns around you. When the gap comes around to the other side, you ride out. Very cool. I wish I could try riding it.



Umm, err. Erm. Dang it, you’re right… :slight_smile:

On the other hand, before I did any trials stuff when it was pretty much all going from A to B or muni, I can’t see myself getting worked up about being called a freestyle or trials rider. The difference from MUni to clowning seems greater than the differences in biking.

On the other hand, this could just be because of ignorance of the particulars of bike riding styles on my part.

I’ll just go and sit in the corner for a while…


Well, in your defense Phil, if you actually got mad about being called a type of bike rider that isn’t what you do exactly, there may be something wrong with you.

I think trials is a sub-category of Freeriding :smiley:

I had actually completly forgotten about the trials riding in UniVerse, the segment I wan refering to was the guy riding down the stair planters and doing the drops outside. is this still trials, I didnt think so, but maybe you can clarify.

I ride Bike trials (at least what I have always heard called trials) too. I am not very good, and it hurts my back a lot, but I like it a bunch, I have a modified cannondale bike (“stock” bike, 26’’ wheels). What I have always heard as trials is stuff on sites like



I usually just ask what type of biking a person is interested in. Keeps things simple. Have you guys seen drop-in? It’s a show on OLN, I think. I love those guys cause they just try everything! Every sport has it’s pro’s and con’s. Can’t we all just get along? :smiley:


Aaargh, mutant! Run! Run away from the 3 handed monster!

Have fun!


(I really must post something about unicycling one of these days!)