Where'd everybody go?

Wow I just checked and there’s like only 23 ppl on rsu, and a mere 11 in JC! :thinking:

They must all be out unicycling :wink:


Hey… haha

Me, Phil, and Jackie were all out unicycling. I had a stick snap, fly up and smack my face. Jackie went rib and head first into the edge of a landing ramp. Phil ripped his pants. Twice.

It was a good day.

I was busy working out a strategy for bumping all your various ride planning threads, just to ensure that anybody in the world possibly thinking about joining you would have up-to-the-minute visibility of any related chatter.

Ouch! Get anything on viddy?

Yeah. Check Jackies video thread in the video section.

His full video should be out in a week or two, unless he still wants more film.

Coolio! :sunglasses:

I’m still around. I haven’t been posting too much because I haven’t seen a lot I needed to respond to, and didn’t have any questions.

News of the day is I just got a Sun 28" unicycle. :slight_smile: For my four-dozenth birthday.

I leveled up my unicycling character and sold it online.

I went for a ride, the weather was too beautiful to ignore. Just a quick spin on the 36 along the bay, around the harbour, through some parks and then back home on the rail trail. Spring rocks!

I’m bored, I wish I could go and ride but it’s soaking outside :frowning:

I am going, to college.

Autumn sucks… :frowning:

totally disagree. Autumn is the best. Summer is the worst. Muni is a sweaty
Mess but not on autumn

But I live in Belgium… That means rain al the time. I can stand it during spring, but not during autumn. I haven’t seen the sun in I don’t know what time.