Where would you rate this unicycle

in the world? as a street unicycle.

Top 10, top 20, top 50 ect.

Im gona have it hopefully eithin the next 3 weeks :smiley:


I don’t have any experience with it, but i don’t like it. Saying that I do prefer trials more. I dont like the chrome and the nimbus stickers.

dont get the street, get the trials version…for street. haha.

honsetly, its what im riding for street. I dont know why they put a long neck and a thinner seat post (22.3 i think? 22 something), but the trials is 25.4.

plus if you need to cut it, then its not gunna happen with that frame.

check out the custom nimbus’s thread in UPR, lots of nimbus info there

do you mean this model, or this particular unicycle? i can’t imagine there are 10 models of street unicycle, so top ten. If you mean that precise one, then I guess UDC has probably sold atleast a hundred of them, let alone other models from Kh or Koxx, so somewhere in the top several hundred.

obvisoly not that unicycle right there, but that unicycle right there, if that makes sence,

that model is wat i mean

Yeah, I reckon get the trials version. The long neck frame’s not really necessary. I dunno about other people but I hardly ever hurt myself on the seatclamp. And you can’t buy any decent 22.2m seatposts if you ever bend that one.

+1 to getting trials version - because of the seatpost thing.

I have the street version. I like it lots, actually. I thought I would have to cut the frame, but didn’t. I just put the seat as low as it could go and had plenty of clearance between my buddies and the seat. I personally love it.

Never ridden the trials, but I can assure you that the Nimbus Street really is built nicely.

A friend of mine rides it (with KH Moments and a different rim)
Its a bit heavy but its a beast.

The longneck is quite nice, gets the seatclamp out of way.
When youre tall enough get it. Otherwise buy the trials version.

With KH Moment cranks the Nimbus (Trials and Street) is a very good street/flatland/trials unicycle.

how tall are you?

I never tried it, but I’ve heard nothing but good things from those who have.

That’s not what the longneck is for. It’s so the clamp doesn’t get in the way when doing foot on frame tricks and stuff like seat wraps.

The narrow post is supposed to give more room for your foot on the frame.

It comes w/ a reinforced post and replacements are cheap if you ever did manage to bend/break it.