Where would i buy a....

high does anyone know where i could by a monty uni in canada?

What kind of unicycle do you want?
Why do you want a Monty?

I don’t know about getting a Monty but municycle.ca and Bedford would be good places to look for unicycles in Canada.

no i was just wondering where because iwas talking to a friend online who says her friend just got a monty trials unicycle and says its really nice

The wheelset doesn’t look great either.

You would be happier with a nimbus isis, kris holm unicycle or koxx. All come in pro quality models, with isis cranks and generally nice seats.

Nimbus is the cheapest, and arguably the strongest. Strongest hub, rim, and frame out there pretty much, I’ve never heard of one breaking. Coming out with some very nice looking unicycles the cherry cycle, I believe that is the name, looks awesome. Probably the best looking paint job on a uni I have seen. Might want to upgrade the cranks to KH or Qu-Ax.

Koxx has the unis made for specific tasks and styles. Mostly ridden by euro riders, they have nice color options.

Kh is the noble stead and a favorite amongst the best due to overall quality, but especially the wide strong rim and the nice light frame.

I ride a kh 08 longneck and love it. Made stronger and better for 08. I also ride a nimbus, but for trial the kh is it for me. If you have the money go kh, is not the Nimbus is a great uni.

You can get Monty tires in Canada through HB trials, that is about the only part on a monty unicycle worth getting.