Where will Nationals be in 2007?

Where did the vote go for Nationals in 2007? We were approached to
host it in Boulder, Colorado and after serious consideration we
accepted the consideration if there was not a better site given in
time. Glad to see that all went well in Memphis. Tried our hardest
to go but didnt work out for the club so putting down for future annual
trips. Our club is dedicating to promoting the sport in many possitive
ways. We just finished our second annual BUni Fest which was 4 days of
riding and playing on unis. Alot of new friends and riding partners
were made over this weekend. I assume the NAUCC does the same.
Mary www.boulderuni.com

Well I have no idea where the nations are meant to be but I do know that the New Zealand nationals next year are most likely to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand. So why don’t you all come along for that instead?

Nationals? newbie

Ypsilanti, Michigan at Eastern Michigan University. For all you old-timers, that’s where it was held in 1985 and 1988. I’m not aware of dates yet, but the traditional period is the 3rd or 4th weekend in July. And if you can, leave an extra day or two afterward to go to Cedar Point, the world’s top rated amusement park. I always coordinate a group to Cedar Point on the day after the conventions when they’re held in the MI/OH area.

The Unicycling Society of America’s North American Unicycle Championships and Convention has never been held in Colorado. In fact, there’s a huge gap between the extreme eastern edge of North Dakota (1994) and Salt Lake City, UT (2004). I love new territory! Have any of your people been to one? That’s the first step on the road to hosting one of your own as there’s a lot to know. For best results, pick a year for yourselves and make a bid to the USA to host in that year. I’d love to unicycle in CO!

yeaaaa i vote colorado!
especially somewhere that close to me!:smiley:

Colorado or Michigan both sound great to me!

massachusets or rhode island