where....which...and ive just saved my noggin!

ok, im looking for a good backpack (a cool one :D)…small and big enough to carry a helmet…food and other stuff

also from the same shop to get a helmet (skating helmet)

…on the internet
does annyone know??

im asking this cuz i faceplanted today (really stoopid mistake)…annnnd i got it on camera!! (will release a vid soon!!!) and had other bad accidents (recorded:D )…(great day though :roll_eyes: )

so i thought if any of these were on me noggin…I…would…be…buggerd

sooo any help?..cheers for any help!!:smiley:

Helmet - 661 Mullet - get them here with free first class postage. These things are cheap and very tough, i’ve fallen a long way on to mine a few times and loosemosse ramed his head in to the edge of a metal window frame with no injury wearing the same.

Rucksack - Dakine helipack (which i have), or helipro. Strong, looks cool, internal routeing for water system, you can walk around with a 24" muni strapped on your back all day with one of these things, i’ve done it. You can get a full set of 661 arm and leg pads and some lunch and stuff inside, and either our helmet or a unicycle on the back. The helipro is larger but otherwise the same i believe, i’ve never used one.

actually i might look into the mullet or the dakine helipak… i just broke my current bag (ripped) and it was annoying cause i couldnt fit my 661 4x4 in them… also i’m thinking helmet cause i aint fallen yet… but we all know its an accident waiting to happen with my luck and stupidity

and wait witht he dakine, you mean u can strap your uni to the bag? I’ve wanted to do that for AGES !

Yes, it’s meant for snowboards but the straps are great for attaching a uni, i used to use extra straps on a hiking rucksack and this is so much better. The main strap is attached right to the top of the shoulder straps so all the weight is in the right place. The waist and chest straps mean that this sack can hold alot of weight despite its small size.

i have a helipro and its real nice for everything

so are you talking about this?

For helmet i have a rosebank havoc. For elbow and knee i used to have 661s. But i’d only use them if it was really neccesary. Which was pretty much when i was learning how to unicycle. Now i just use basic arm and leg protection.

Yep, i guess mine is last year’s model or something because the colouring is slightly different but that’s the one, it kicks ass.

u used 661’s to learn??? I just leanred with plastics… and hte only time i really hurt myself was falling on my ass while trying to freemount… a long long time ago

actually today something funny happened, i was hoping up an 5set one step at a time, and kinda lost balance, and my uni fell and got stopped by the rail, so i pushed it forward to get it off and i fell off and the uni stayed there LOL the back of the seat had gotten stuck to the rail… damn that was embarrasing and quite painfull…