Where To Upload A Vid?

what the best place to upload videos? I have tried imagestation, freewebs, and goecities…with no luck. Where do you guys upload your vids?
I have a new/old vid that i think is preatty good and want to get it on the internet and my website… www.freewebs.com/patrials

You can upload it to the unicyclist.com gallery. Unfortunately, new accounts don’t have gallery access, but I just created an album where anyone can upload a photo or video. So, try uploading here: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/free4all

Hi Gilby!!

I got suscribed to the forums LONG Time ago, I am the webmaster of www.monociclos.com the main unicycle page in SPAIN.

We would like to have a gallery, It would be great If you can activate the monociclos account so we can use it for the Spanish unicycle comunity.


                  Pepe, Monociclos.com

PD: Please check the date I suscribed unicyclist.com and all my posts if needed.

Is this intentional or a problem with embedding gallery in vBulletin?

If it’s not intentional is work being done to address the situation? Do you need help from the gallery devs?


Thanks! Ill try to get it up on that gallery

Who will clean up that forum? I posted the same picture twice and I am so ashamed of it.

Great idea with that new album for all new users Gilby.

I tried to upload my vid to that gallery, but i waited hours and it didnt work. But then i found out my video was over 100mb! and its like 2 minutes i think! does anyone have any video compressor things to download. I have one but it wont work with my vids.

how do you upload? :thinking:

nm i found it :roll_eyes:

Re: Where To Upload A Vid?

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 17:10:10 -0600, “khtrials” wrote:

>does anyone have any video compressor things to
>download. I have one but it wont work with my vids.

Go to www.divx.com and take it from there. You need something like
virtualdub too but I think it’s linked from somewhere on the divx

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ok i downloaded one of the divx compressors and it had nothing about compressing.
So then I found another compressor called Moonlight, but that only got the vid down to 85 mb…crazy.
Any help?

well if you have windows movie maker, yoou can use that to compress it. I use it and it does a really good job.<shameless thread jacking> If you want to see an example, you can watch my movie http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/free4all/uni_video.wmv </shameless thread jacking>. I think it comes on Windows XP

I added some comments and tips about DivX compression in a thread over in the Just Conversation forum: Converting from MOV to MPEG or AVI. That will get you going if you want to go the DivX route.