Where to static hop from?

As seen here in the photo are 8 numbers. I would like to start at 5-6 put I’m thinking that its to far, where would you typically start at for a static hop?

I like starting farther away because it gives me more time to tuck


for that height i would go from 3-4… but when you get to the big stuff youll go from 6-7

I would go from 4, maybe even 3 but it’s kinda hard to tell how high that is.

(you mean without prehop right?)

static as in no prehop? 2-3
Static with prehop? 3-5

now are you doing static SIF or SI …

i guess it really doesnt make a difference

if its static i would go more like at 3 and 4 i like to be pretty close for a static hop unless your gaping, and it dosent look like what your doing

soooo ya

It’s about 61 cm.

What I’m asking is do you stand farther back as the height increases?

yes because you will need space to jump with more sideways momentum as the height increases.

Not always.

Anyways, start close, have fun with it, and keep going further backto see how far you can go and still make it.

Even though I have almost no height in my hop currently (I’m still a relative newbie to uni), I would have to agree with Jerrick purely from a physics point of view: theoretically, “sideways momemtum” can in no way help you go higher. If you are trying to jump across a big gap, then the optimal direction to launch is 45 degrees. If you are just trying to go as high as possible, then any sideways movement is just wasted energy: 90 degrees will get the most height.

Of course, this is all just from a highly simplified model of how the body’s physics works when jumping. Perhaps issues of coordination start to come into play as the ledge gets higher and thus it is easier to go back a bit further?

3-5 no prehop 6 or 7 with prehop is what I’d do

Yeah i realise that but the sideways momentum is needed to get you over the edge of the pallet/object.

However, if you are able to clear a 12" step from 6" away, then you should be able to clear 24" and even 100" (if you are strong enough) also from 6" away: as the edge gets higher, the angle you launch at gets closer and closer to 90 degrees. Of course, your margin of error (launch angle) also gets vanishingly small as you jump higher from the same fixed distance. I expect this is why most people have to back up more than they theoretically need to as they jump higher.

Its also alot better mentally to go back a bit cause otherwise you are staring straight up at a huge height and might not think you can get it.Things look smaller from further away (obviously)

if it’s without a prehop i would go from 3 maybe 4. Without a prehop i start a few centimeters from the wall, just enough not scrape my pedals on it. All you need is to jump the rest comes from going a tiny bit sideways.

If you’re doing a prehop then i’d start from 8 if not further. SI without a prehop i might start from 4 or 5 to have room to move the wheel up a little.

just experiment.

does anyone else like to come at an obstacle from either a little in front or behind it instead of perpendicular? I always like to be at least a little off center going at an object.

Try it and see. Doing trials is about figuring out how you should move in the moment, not taking a picture and asking for everyone’s opinion.

Whatever you do, “do not rack” yourself. :slight_smile:

Yeah I seem to do that subconsiously. I cant stop it either. Its weird