Where to start???

Hey Guys,

I’m a bit of a noob and need some help.

I can ride forwards, a little backwards and can do bunny hops here and there but was just wondering where to go from here???

I want to get good at street/flatland and don’t know what tricks or routines to start on from here.

Thanks for the help.


for one i must inform you that you can search thorugh the thousands of posts and threads in this forum for what you want. but second, i realize that is can be hard to use for specific questions. so i will haelp you

you should work on hopping, idling, riding SIF, etc

what i did when i was at your level was check out the IUF skill levels. they gave me an idea as to what tricks i could do relative to my ability. here it is: http://www.unicycling.org/IUF/levels/

Good advice from Unireed, but don’t get to hung up on the IUF skills. Learn some of them but feel free to just mess around with something else every now and then.

That’s how I learned my first unispin, I tried it as a joke but realised that it really wasn’t as hard as I was making it out to be.

As for tricks in order, I learned my first few like so:

Leg wrap
90 degree, to wheel
180 unispin
Wheel walk
Rolling 180

but hey, everyone is different!

Edit: Oh, and the OUT the game threads are GREAT for learning new tricks!

Thanks guys really helpful.

another noob…searched the forum :smiley: but still dont know if you can use a flatland unicycle for strret/trials…so can i get some help??

All I can say is practice makes permanent. I’m in your position, RichoUni (can ride backwards, forwards, and some other small tricks), but I mess around with my unicycle every week for hours at a time.

I learned how to go backwards while holding hands with my best friend while she was trying to learn the same. I learned how to idle by staring at something still – a tree – while going forward slowly and stopping, which forced me to rock back and forth.

Yes you can untill the unicycle can’t take anymore and it breaks.But my advice is to use it for everything untill something breaks and then think about replacing that part or buying yourself a trials unicycle.The only difference it will make to your riding is the tyres arent as grippy,it will break alot easier and it will take a few days to get used to a trials unicycle because of the wide tyre

A unicycle made for flatland tricks has an ISIS hub, double walled rim, and a pretty solid frame. It’s stronger than the freestyle uni in that video. Most people will never do big enough tricks to break one. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about it.

Welcome to the forums, BlackUnicyclist :slight_smile:

yeh thats true but im assuming he is riding a learners uni.Also he wants to do street/trials with it

I’m with Aarons on this one, when you’re just starting out its going to be very hard to break a beginners/freestyle uni unless that is your intention. I say use what you’ve got until your skill level demands something better. You never know, you may end up liking the IDEA of trials/street but end up digging MUni’s instead.

But that’s just my opinion.

Thank you

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