Where to ride?

I wonder if anyone has any comments on this subject.
I feel ready now to start riding to somewhere, rather than just doing stuff in car parks.
But I’m having trouble finding somewhere to ride.
Where do other people ride? I was thinking somewhere nice and gentle before I practice for Muni.
Do people ride along the pavement?
And what about all those stupid comments? How do yu cope with those? I am constantly amazed that grown adults shout ‘you’ve lost a wheel’ or whatever.

By the way, I don’t expect you to tell me where exactly to ride (obviously, but just thought I’d make that clear anyway). Just what kinds of places you ride.

i just smile and say hi then make fun of the quiet enough they dont hear

You can ride ANYWERE you want,as long as its not illegal or somthing like that.Sidewalks,parks,parkinglots,not very busy streets,maybe find a paved bike/walking path near you,those are nice.

As for the stupid comments,you dont get THAT many,just every once in a while,and you etheir nod and give them a fake smile or pretend you didnt hear them and go on your way.

For urban riding, any place that is pedestrian “friendly” is good for unicycling. Find some place with lots of sidewalks like a school or university campus. A large urban park with walking paths is good.

If you don’t want to deal with people’s comments, just smile, wave and keep going.

The comments will always come, and usually from those who feel trapped in their own lives - afraid of what others may think. When they see someone who dares to be different, their inferiority comes-up…thus the comments. Live life in your own way…just smile and ride on.

Try riding on the neighborhood streets or local biking trails. The people who see you will get used to you and their comments will disappear.

at most schools you will get kicked out prity quick

Not the ones I’ve been to.There all differnt.The best way to find out is to try.If someone objects to your riding there,say “okay” politly and then just ride somewere else.Then come back when they’re not looking.:smiley:

Thanks for that.

Had a comment from possibly the most terminally stupid scally kid I’ve ever come across…

“is that a one-wheeler or a two wheeler?”

Well obviously one, and they’re called U-N-I-C-Y-C-L-E-S…

To answer your queston Cath…Anywhere where there’s a hard surface and a bit of gravity to keep you stuck to the ground. I do a lot of riding in my park and along a couple of cycle routes. But then I ride pretty much everywhere else. I don’t drive or own a bike and walking’s dull. If you live close enough to your workplace, ride there.


The worst is when they ask you if its a tricycle.That ones really bad.

Re: Where to ride?

I’ve been practicing my muni riding in a big open field at a nearby regional park. The field is there for large picnics, field sports and such, so it is pretty flat. The grass makes for softer landings. Still, under the grass it is quite bumpy and uneven (and it has been water logged this week to boot), so I am finding it to be good to learn how to handle rougher terrain.

It’s also way up in the hills and I ride after work, so nobody is there to hassle me.

Originally posted by forrestunifreak
[B]You can ride ANYWERE you want,as long as its not illegal or somthing like that.Sidewalks,parks,parkinglots,not very busy streets,maybe find a paved bike/walking path near you,those are nice.

euh I think the best place to do street its were its illegal…

Not here.I ment like private property kinda places.

Hate to destroy your foolish crusade, but maybe they’re just being nice or trying to show that they’re impressed. I hope you unicycle for more reasons than the boost it seems to give your ego.

“at most schools you will get kicked out prity quick”

^---- Hmmm :roll_eyes:

Honestly, ride where you want. I just ignore comments or smile and try to be nice. Have fun, and fall if you want, chances are you’re still doing better than anyone around you (and if you aren’t, that person will be advanced enough to be understanding and supportive). I ride trials and muni in very public places with plenty of people. Often they are very nice and supportive. For trials they are rarely critical of even the most embarassing falls, and when I land a line or move I fell on, people often respond all the better. At one point I was riding a jetty covered in rocks. I was falling and dabbing about twice for every move, yet still people stopped to watch and were impressed. After about 30 people passed, i didn’t get any negativity. Noone told me how much I was sucking.

I ride on the local primary school. There is a large cement-football field, a playground and some small hills and with those, stairs. In a sense, this is my favourite place to ride. In the winter, this is almost the only place that’s nice, and there are nobody else there.In the summer I ride everywhere, from shoppingstreets (mainly on Sundays when there are nobody there) to the woods.

Just, when you’re outside for any reason, look for new places to ride. That’s what I do, then, when I come home, I get my unicycle and I go there to test the spot…

In Norway, atleast, people and guards usually don’t mind us. The police may stop to look at us, but they never ask us to go away riding(even when we are places we know we shouldn’t be). If people ask you to go away, just go away… Nothing worse.

gerblefranklin check you pm.


If you live anywhere near the seaside, beach promenades are often nice places.

I’d ride on the pavement until you’re confident you won’t fall off on the road. Personally I often ride on the pavement if I’m riding a smaller wheel anyway.

Just think of places you’d take a kid to ride their bike, or you’d go for a walk. Don’t worry about them not being places you’re allowed to ride a bike, most of the time no-one will tell you off for riding a unicycle.


I learned to ride in a school gym, but when I got my own uni I used the road outside my house, grass verges, basically anywhere its flat and even and there aren’t too many people.

One of the best places to ride I know of is the park in my local town. Its strictly no bikes, but I ride past the wardens and even the police & no-one has ever told me off for unicycling there. I think showing you have a talent means you can’t be a yob.


Hi Cathy,

Me for utility trips are a really good excuse to ride the Unicycle, ie. to the shops or to post a letter for example. These rides are a journey with a purpose which can be very satisfying.

Unicycles can be wheeled round shops easily too, or put in the shopping trolley as I did at Tesco Billingham.

Apart from that I Unicycle communte sometimes which involves a quick ride to the bus stop then a longer ride the other end through the pedestrianised town centre.

Try not to be put off but stupid comments. I usually just smile and say nothing… then curse out of ear shot. It doesn’t matter how good or bad a rider you are, the fact that you can actually ride the thing at all is an impressive sight.