Where to ride in Ithaca, NY

My family and I are making a brief trip to Ithaca, NY this weekend with only one full day in town. We are bringing our unicycles. We probably won’t have time to meet up with anyone, the logistics would be too difficult to plan, but is there a good place to ride? We will be bringing our 20/24 inchers. I think MUNI is out of the question, but skateparks? Parks?

We do plan on riding the the Sagan Planet Walk. It looks like it is along, at least partly, a pedestrian walk way. Anything we should know about restrictions. I know bikes aren’t allowed on sidewalks, unless you are under a certain age and, from what I can tell, the law in NY clearly classifies bikes as 2 or more wheels. Now, if they were to classify unicycles as bikes, it would be legal for my son (8) to ride a 20 inch on a sidewalk, but not me. Which is kind of funny since he leaves me in the dust without even trying.

So is there anything we should not miss unicycling on or to?

I’m a few hours away, in Rochester, and can’t really offer any great suggestions.
There is a yahoo group called the Finger Lakes One Wheelers that might help, though I don’t think it’s very active.
I just posted there asking if someone might reply here. You might join and browse some messages there.
Otherwise, I haven’t noticed anyone on these forums near Ithaca.

There has been a reply from the yahoo group:

Thanks MuniOrBust! I will check out the facebook page.