Where to order from?

Just wondering if anybody knows of a place other then unicycle.com that would want to ship overseas to an APO address. I tried to e-mail the guys at UDC but they haven’t replied in days, and since they use UPS, it costs almost 300 dollars to send something here. If they could just use USPS it would be less then 50 or so. Many people have hung up on me so far. And just to add to it, I can’t recieve packages here from any other countries, so ordering from the UK is out.

Any ideas?

Unicycle.com is still probably in the process of digging out from the Chistmas crazies. I think the emails pile up and then it takes a while for John D. or whoever to get caught up.

You might get a quicker response by sending in an online order, and including the requirement for USPS delivery and other details in the comments area. I believe there is a way to submit this without payment, so you can wait for a response. If necessary, indicage “check/other” in the payment field where it says how you will pay. Then see if you get a response.

Good luck! I like your motto.

I don’t know for sure if he ships overseas, but you could try e-mailing Darren of Bedford Unicycles here in Canada. Just an idea…

Your other choice is to have the uni shipped to someone in the States and have them USPS it to your APO.

I had similar problems when I lived in Hawaii. Shipping wasn’t as high as it is for you, but it did often rival the price of the uni I wanted to order.

Or try Gary of www.unicycles.com.au

Just a side note, Bedford Unicycles often ships from within the United States, shoot Darren an email or phone call if its possible I’m sure he would be more than happy to ship you whatever you need.

Good luck


Thanks for the responses all. Looks like there really aren’t that many unicycle stores out there, huh?


I sent your shipping options to your e-mail address today.

Mike is right, I just shipped KH unicycles, parts and shirts out to my US customers this past week-end from Michigan.

I ship to the US daily and other countries often.
Sometimes things like DVD’s and shirts are cheaper to send to the US than to Canada.


Everybody here forgot to mention the wonderful german uni-store, which is, depending on your point of view, overseas: municycle.com

That’s where I bought both of my unis.