Where to order a Torker DX in Canada?

So I am really considering getting a Torker DX, but I don’t want to order it from the USA because of the border fees and expensive as hell shipping.

And maybe some suggestions for me?

I really want to get into Trials riding, should I get a 24"? I like to go on long rides too, and do trails.

I am considering the Torker DX over a Norco M-Uni… of which has cheap cotterless cranks, and plastic pedals… But the Torker does cost more, but it is a way nicer Uni than the Norco, plus my friend rides the M-Uni, I don’t want the same Uni as him…

Have you looked on ebay?

You can find some really cheap Torker DX on there, for about 250, and shipping and boarder fees shouldnt even make the price that bad when its already so low.

Also, check if your local bike stores supply Torker unis, cause they can order one for you.

It almost seems like you should get a 24 uni though, so you can travel a wee bit faster and do trails, but the trials version can do the same, and would be a wee bit better for doing trials.

My friend Nick picked up a Torker DX off of ebay and it cost him about 310 with shipping, border fees, and exchange rate. I would definatly recomend it over the Norco M-Uni, which I used to have before I upgraded the hell out of it.

I would try contacting bike shops throughout your area, the GTA, and anywhere else that is even remotely close to try and find a torker dealer because if you can they will probably knock about 50 bucks off of the border fees and such.

I’m heading to Brant Cycle tomorrow, in Burlington, so I will ask them.

But yes, I looked on eBay, BIN will cost CAD $280~ border fees are paid at your door, at least when I ordered computer parts they were. So $310 looks about right.

Any more suggestions on a 24" or a 20"?