where to go with my Coker!

Hey gang,
With my little 24’ uni, I squirrel around the local park then I head back exhausted…still at Level 1 :frowning:
I actually have not gotten my Coker yet(it’s in transit).
But once I get it, where do I go with it?
I imagine I can outrun those pesky neighborhood kids and dogs going about 10mph on my Coker…heh heh!

I am taking a poll here, where do YOU O-riders-of-super-fast Cokers, go? Parks? Beach? Mountain roads? Urban roads?

I use it for transportation of course, and for exercise. I’m a runner, but sometimes just don’t feel like running, like if my feet hurt. so instead of going for a 5-10 mile run, I go for a 15-20 mile ride. I take it on a bunch of road loops I know around here. I can plan my ride exactly before I leave, and know exactly how long it’ll be, anywhere between 2 and 26 miles. once you’ve explored and figured out how long stuff is, it gets easier. (:

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller: “The question isn’t where are you going to go, it’s where aren’t you going to go?” Look at some of Brian Mackenzie’s cokering… The thing is a one-wheled tank, it’ll ride over anything! :smiley:

Re: where to go with my Coker!

We go to the Iron Horse Trail: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album325

I slalom around people on campus