Where to get ti Hardware/ kh bearing holders, seat post clamps/ seat bolts

Being a trials weight weenie, I would like to know where I could possibly get some ti hardware for my unicycle. Any bolt that can be replaced, I’m interested in, even axle haha, though I don’t think they make those. Thanks for the help.

Btw, I’m not interested in ti parts like spokes and such. I’m also using Koxx seat post clamps, a kh o8 frame, and regular kh style seats.

you’re going to be more specific about exactly which parts you want to swap, if bolts count but spokes don’t it’s not terribly clear. Also why Ti? It’s certainly not the lightest material out there, for a fixed sized component like a bolt Al will be lighter.

There are 8 bolts on a unicycle - 4 on the bearing holders, 2 on the clamp, and 2 on the cranks.

If you do replace all 6 normal bolts on the unicycle with aluminium bolts, you’ll save about 16g. You can also save 15g by changing the crank bolts.

Although weightweenies suggests to use titanium bolts for the scary bits - seatpost clamps etc. Which probably includes the crank bolts, but might not matter about the bearing holders. That’d reduce your weight savings to something more like 20g total.

It’d probably be much easier to cut some foam out of your seat for that amount of weight loss - KH seats have tons of padding in. Also, have you got lightweight pedals (something that takes a TI axle probably).

Or just go for a dump before you go riding / lose some weight.


In terms of axle, obviously unicycle axles are not usually removable / replaceable, but you can get the titanium hub. Which would save you 200g. Probably on a money per gram saved basis that’d be more than the dodgy bolts. For example 2 crank bolts @ £10 each save you 12g that’s 0.6g per £, whereas the hub is £225 saving 200g = 0.8g per £.


Well, yes the bolts he said. I’m also going to get the ti hub, probably, I’m coming into some money since I should be getting a job sometime soon. So, anybody know where I can get the bolts?

Actually, if you are a true trials weight weennie, just remove the seat. That’ll save a ton of weight. Most trials riders hop seat out. You could replace the seat with a lightweight carbon fiber handle.

easy: Ebay :wink:

This and many more tips have been posted in past threads. Check it out!

In addition to the bolts that Joe pointed out there are another 10 in the saddle.

Using a light weight tube and cutting off every second knobby can save a surprising amount of weight.

Don’t forget to strip the paint off your frame

You could probably cut down or drill a bunch of holes in the rear bumper too.

There is no need of a rear bumper :wink:

Use a light weight tube. Don’t waste your time doing any of the other things. Using a light tube can save 200g, all those toher things put together are unlikely to save 100g. Anyway, a few hundred grams is really insignificant, especially for trials.

A few hundred maybe not, but 500 is a bound. It’s not about taking 10g off in one place, it’s the accumulative affect of it all.

Already have two. Still need to drill one, I’ve had it for a year now.

I sure wish wallis would get making some again.

Only use one CF base, will save you tons :wink:
Oh, and drill your bumper, looks cool to (I’ve done it)

Yes i drilled my bumper a while back.Saved so much weight

You can get a profile hub, replace the axle with their titanium axle, then get their magnutanium cranks. =p

Or just buy a Ti hub from KH and find some lighter cranks to put on it than the moments.

Tensiles. These are the cranks i run with my Ti hub. Works fine.

Like my Qu-ax.:smiley:
Good cranks except for the nub, but you can solve that problem with an angle grinder and save even more weight!
EDIT:Nvm if you like 140’s.

I thought of tensiles, but being I’m 180-190 these days I’d probably bend them being unsmooth and all.

Anybody know where to get the bolts or not? Maybe the lbs?