where to get seat foam

I’ve not had any luck finding the righttype of foam suitable for making an air seat. I’ve tried upolstry shops, fabric stores, home depot, etc. Will I have to just order a foam pad from Semcycle or UDC? Thanks!


Finding suitable foam for a unicycle seat is surprisingly difficult. I’ve tried all of the usual suspects (foam stores, upholstery shops, etc.) and haven’t found much that is suitable and haven’t found anything that I really like.

The easiest way to get foam is to cannibalize it from a broken or spare unicycle seat or to buy replacement foam from a unicycle shop. Semcycle sells a replacement foam pad that is for their Semcycle Deluxe seat. You can also sometimes get Torker LX or Miyata foam from Unicycle.com if they have some on hand from doing air seat conversions. It’s something that you have to call to find out if they have any (it’s not going to be in the online catalog).

The foam from a Viscount can also work. Viscount saddles aren’t too expensive and I’ve been known to tear one apart just for the foam. The Semcycle and Viscount foam size is larger than a Miyata or KH seat base so you’ll need to trim the foam down to size to get it to fit well in the seat cover. An electric carving knife is the best way to cut foam.

I experimented with some closed cell camping pad foam (for under a sleeping bag). Worked well at first but lost its spring and became flat as a tortilla. If you use that type of foam you’ll need to replace it on a regular basis. A look around a different camping pads might yield some suitable foam.

This hunt for suitable foam is quite a pain. Takes a lot of time and ends up costing more money than you expect it should. Things get crazy when you’re willing to buy a brand new seat just to cannibalize the foam.

I’m somewhat fortunate in that I broke several Miyata saddles back in the old days of muni so I’ve got several Miyata foam pads on hand. But I’m always looking for something better.

Haha JC would sell his first born for a seat repairing fix. :astonished:

This is indeed frustrating. I swapped my KH seat for a Wallis cf base in August '05. When I ordered all of the other parts needed to complete the seat, I couldn’t get my hands on any miyata foam, so I cut my KH foam down significantly because I wanted a lower profile seat.

I wish I could find something that’s already cut that size and ready-to-go. Eventually I’ll want to replace my existing hacked-to-death KH foam for something of this nature.

thanks for the input! I have already salvaged foam for an old viscount seat, but I should have trimmed it down a bit to better accomodate the inner tube, but it’s ok for now. thanks again all!