Where to get protective gear?

i want to buy some good quality gloves with wrist protection, and maybe some shinpads and a good helmet
do u seriously need all the gear such as
kneepads, elbowpads< shinpads, gloves etc.
or only a few,
please state ur personal faves, what brand they are, where to get them , etc. cheers

i use a pryme helmet, cheap and comfortable, and 661 shin guards that come up over the knee.

for muni especially i really like the knee protection.

I have some no name (or at least I don’t remember the name) elbow pads, I think it’s a Bell helmet, 661 shin/knee pads, cheap bike gloves. Normaly I only wear the gloves and the 661’s but if I am doing a muni ride I wear the helmet and elbo pads, and if I am riding my bc wheel I wear the helmet. You should be able to get the elbow pads and helmet at your local bike shop or even walmart/target/big cheap box store. Bike gloves and 661’s you can get at the LBS as well or online, unicycle.com seems to have the best price on the 661’s at the moment.

Basically whatever you feel you need is probably enough as long as you are using common sense, being a little over protected on the other hand is never a bad thing.

forgot to say i got the helmet at a local bike shop and the 661s on jensonusa.com, i don’t think they have the same styles any more, but a LBS or google should help you out.


Check out BlueSkyCycling.com. They beat unicycle.com’s prices by $10.

Get both arm and leg protection and save another $5:
661 4x4 Knee Shin Guards & 2x4 Elbow Guards Combo Kit

wow thats a really sweet deal, I guess I just fail at these things

i have the full leg 661’s they are sweeeeet. that is all i wear. thats right only leg gards. nothing else


Right, cheers, but as u guys are all american, a deal for u is a fortune to me, damn international currency rates, basically, Aussie dollars suck
so how much do u guys expect to pay for this gear u have?

gday mate, yeah thats a bad thing about ridin in the big oz (havin to ship all ur stuff from overseas)

but if u do want to get a pair of 661 4x4 leg armours ur lbs will be able to get them in for u at around $70 australian dollars, or less …
but i got a pair of lizard skin shin armour from the lbs for $60 and they cover the back of the leg aswell, but no knee protection, so i mite get the 661’s soon.

But i would definetly try and get the 661 4x4 or something equivalent to them!! And remember, anything that that u can buy for a bike, the lbs will be able to stock it in for u, and it wont cost u much !!

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

the helmet i use is the protect full cut helmet. I put on one of those salamander visors which is nice. the helmet is designed for whitewater which is why i have it so it covers the ears.

try 661 there one of my sponsors they have quality gear