Where to get pallets?

where can i get some wooden pallets for cheap? i called some grocery stores, but they dont have any.

find a pallet depot, they usually sell for £2 i think

or go to builders sites and ask them because they usually give them away after they have used them. And skips aswell they have them sometimes.

I get them from my dads work…tons of them…for free…just find them on the side of the street, tons of them here.

borrw your dads truck and check some local grocery stores. If you have Costco, Sams Club, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, or Lows, they always have like 20 behind the store. just go grab the good ones.

im scared :stuck_out_tongue:
how many have done this has anyone got caught?

Oh, If you have an irrigation supplier in your area, They usually are fully stocked with 1’’ and 1 1/4’’ piping, which comes on pallets of course. You will probably be able to get 40 of them for free if you can fit them in your truck/trailer, just depends if they’re sending them back to the supplier or not. I know for sure that in St. Cloud, Minnesota, my dad goes to Carnilian for his piping and stuff for irrigation (we do a lot of sprinkler systems in the summer, one of the best), but we got all my pallets off them

doesnt show it too well, 2 rows of pallets, about 60 maybe, thats half of the ones we got from Carnilian, the other half have been burned. And another bit are in my trial setup.

yeah, we do irrigation, hence the fact my dads work trailer is behind the pallets (Cold Spring Irrigation)

me and my friends just end up “borrowing”:wink: some…


most stores and hardare dealers will give them 2 you…but you need to ask…if you dont it is stealing. many places get deposits on the pallets, but will give you ones w/o deposits for nothing.

If you know someone with connections to the people in a mall, you could get them for free. I got four EUR (the good ones) this way.

these look neat…although maybe flimsy…i’m sure they can be reinforced and still be better than many pallets

they have no top:p

Flip 'em upside down then and put one pallet on top. I think I have two or three of those things inside my garage.

My ultimate irony, working at a pallet sorting site but not being able to take any :frowning:

This guy’s

aww man. that sucks.

when i get pallets i only take the heavy blue ones. those are the best.

I don’t have any pallets at my house… I just ride about 1.5 miles down to home depot and play around… I’m sure I could get a ton of pallets from them for about $1 each… but I don’t have room at my house yet, I’m cleaning up my back yard so I can get some though.

my brother works at this 4wheeler shop, and he says that the 4wheelers they buy come on pallets. so just go to a 4wheeler shop and you can get some (basically) brand new pallets.

Just use a phone and all up stores, ask if they have pallets, and ask if they would be willing to give some away for free.

A lot of stores have deposits on pallets, so they loose money if people go and steal them, but even then they will let you take a few when you are nice and ask.