Where to get a Schlumpf Hub???

I have been thinking about purchasing a Schlumpf to eventually gear up a 36 in the future but, I’m not sure where the best place to get one, anyone have any suggestions

Probably killians schlumpf 24 in the trading post.

Of course if you want new try UDC, Silva cycles, Goudurix, or any of the other standard uni suppliers. Most of them seem to have intermittent stock,but you may get lucky and find someone ready to ship.

Compulsion lists them but yeah, you should buy mine.

I’d hesitate to conclude that means anything unless you can get a live human to guarantee a shipping date.

I’ve always had great luck with them and prefer them to UDC if they have what I need.

My experience was that UDC shipped faster than they said they would, while Compulsion sat on my order of supposedly in-stock items without action for the better part of a week…

Saw that. I can understand why you’d be upset, but I’ve never run into that issue personally.

My experience with UDC is that they ship fast, but their knowledge base besides Josh is questionable.

However, they have always taken care of me on warranty so I’d call it sixes as far as they go.

Ideally I’d open my own shop… :roll_eyes: Maybe someday.

UDC no Schlumpf

I looked on the UDC us. site and it didnt even show a Schlumpf as a choice on their hub page?

I was trying to buy a schlumpf months ago before one came up for sale here. I spoke with Silvia cycles who mentioned that they are out of stock and have been for months. They have a rather long waiting list for them. There may be minor changes to the design, but the bottom line is that he didn’t expect them back in stock until near the end of the year. UDC.US said explicitly that they no longer “deal with them” because they had too many return/warranty issues.

Last batch was produced somewhen in early 2014 or late 2013. AFAIK no reseller has any stock left. all you can get now is a used one.
The new generation schlumpf hubs were originally announced for 3rd quarter of 2014, then for end of 2014 and now for late summer of 2015.

So sometime before 2017?

What makes you so sure about the ‘before’?:smiley:

Does anyone know if the new Schlumpf version would fit KH 29" frame of 2012 model?
I’m asking this because on Schlumpf’s website there’s the following section saying:

-wider axle

-more lateral space, allows installation in most frames without any adaption of frames

This can be found at: http://www.schlumpf.ch/hp/uni/uni_engl.htm

Now, I know that it says “most frames without any adaption”, but I’m afraid that maybe because the KH frame 2015 model holds bigger tyre width (3.0") then it might not fit the smaller frame width of previous models.

Definitely YES! Kris Holm told me, that every KH frame since 2012 is fully compatible with the new generation Schlumpf hubs. If you have an older KH frame, all you have to do to make it fit is to file the inner lip of one of your bearing caps. So no problem. The longer axle gives you more space between frame and canks, the mor lateral space gives you more space between hub body and frame.

Thanks a lot for the info!

Coincidentally I had sent a message to Unisalg.dk (the Danish Unicycle.com) yesterday to ask about prices of guni and if they would deliver a 29" guni. They said that because of a redesign of the hub, they couldn’t sell any before Christmas. They also said that a geared hub would cost about 10,000 DKK (±1350 EUR), which is more than twice as much as a 29" uni itself. So if I wanted to buy a complete set, uni with hub, it would be a steep price to pay.

Safer to say sometime after October 2015, but not with an end date. :slight_smile:

These are handmade items that I assume are not money makers for the company. I’m very glad they continue to not only make them, but make improvements! So they manufacture a batch when they can, but with no apparent fixed schedule. They’re really expensive, but that’s because they’re expensive to make (and in an expensive country). I can’t imagine the number of labor hours required to complete one.

UDC doesn’t like to carry products that can’t be kept relatively consistently in stock. That just makes it tough on customers as they don’t necessarily know the background of how Schlumpf hubs get made. Same applies to other vendors who make great stuff, but not on a consistent basis.

I acquired my own from someone who had bought it but decided not to use it. But I later ended up with a new one after (long after) that one broke during my 100 mile ride. Someday I’d like to have one on a 26" Muni, but not necessarily soon. I think I’ll get the 26" Muni first. :slight_smile:

It’s been on U.com before, but in case anyone finds this thread in the future, here’s the Geared hub manufacture video (5 minutes). :slight_smile:

That was certainly interesting to see and I more understand the steep price. I think more people should start unicycling, so it can be mass producted to make it cheaper. :slight_smile:

Dear Santa: for Christmas I want world peace; world peace and a Schlumpf hub!!!

A couple days I emailed Florian and asked to be put on a list for new hubs. He (or his assistant) replied that it’d be some number of “weeks” before it’d be ready, and that I would pay for the hub when it was delivered.

I even told my wife about it, and she doesn’t even want to kill me!

My current plan is to do the most impractical thing, possible, with the Shlumpf, and install it in a 19/20" wheel. If possible I want to put it into my Equinox frame (I love the flat crown). If that is not possible, or if it takes too much retrofitting, I’ll buy a new KH long neck trials.

Call me crazy. I remember someone mentioned on one of the threads that installing a Schlumpf on a 20" was “silly”. For those of you agreeing that this is “silly”, you may be right, but as long as it’s not “boring”, I’ll be happy. I’ll keep you posted.