where to get a fat tyre in New york?

spending a week in Brookhaven I will visit New-york during the March24 week-end so I will go shopping … :stuck_out_tongue:
my goal: get an agressive fat tyre for a large marge (on a Triton frame) . There have been numerous discussions about tyres to replace the Larry: devis8ter, Nate, 45th North Husker Du,…
which one to try? where to buy it in New York?
(I tried some bike shops through the internet but got no sure info, since I’ve got no address there I could’nt order one through web sites)
thanks for any suggestion

Few shops carry fat tires in the South, so ordering online is your best bet.

MTBR has the best fat tire reviews, but those are bikers, so a little different perspective.

Surly and 45 North appear to be using the same casing, in which case the tread design is the only distinguising feature. There are two different TPI (thread count), you might find that one is more supple while the other is stiffer.

I like the Devist8er, it’s heavy, but it’s durable and inexpensive.

Husker Du or Nate if you want more mud traction.

Search on Surly website for New York City: http://surlybikes.com/dealers/dealer_locator/

except I do not have an address for delivery

used it: one of the shop had Nate (only in folding version) …

so still pondering what to buy …

A biker review and side by side pic of the Larry and the Devis8er:

Personally, I think that if you already have a Larry, the Nate is not much more than a hybrid of the Conundrum and Larry with a little deeper knobbie. I saw a Nate in person on a bike in Utah over Xmas break and it was not a tire I’d like to ride on anything but soft trails.

The lower TPI tires are less expensive, have more rubber, probably have a little firmer ride, but they are also heavy (1750gm). So if you swinging toward one of those then the weight factor is out the window in which case I’d get the Devist8er (1800-1850gm) as it is less expensive, a substantially better casing, a more aggresisve tread, and has longer lasting rubber than a Larry.

If you are willing to drop $120-130 on a tire and weight matters, then I’d get the Husker Du in the 120 TPI. It’s a nice looking tire, I would have bought one if I didn’t get a Devist8er. The Husker Du is so much better than the Larry that I anticipate the Nimbus Oregon will be shod with them as OEM :slight_smile:

See if someone in New York would be willing to receive shipment for your tire before you arrive. FYI, Husker Du are hard to find, so call the online retailer to confirm they have one before you order. The Devist8er can be had on Ebay, $60, ships from Michigan, get the kevlar folding bead.

It’s sad to hear that it’s hard to find a Fat Tire in the South/East.
Very easy to find around here, and they’re my favorite!


I’ll try to get a husker dü … but no address in new york so will try bike shops

You might have enough time to have a local bike shop order what you need. Some shops have an online presence and you might be able to do it that way, or just call. I can only recommend Brands in Wantagh, Long Island. It’s only a block or two from the Wantagh station on the Long Island Railroad. :slight_smile:

I used to live up the street from there, and if you’re into a road ride there’s a very nice bike path down to Jones Beach that starts very nearby!


thanks I wrote an email to the shop.
(but 45NORTH tells me that these tyres are pretty hard to find right now)