Where to get 07 KH24 frame?

Hi All
I am trying to find a 24" KH frame for my MUni setup. Unfortunetely UDC doesn’t have them listed. I was thinking maybe bedford, but how much would it cost to get it in the US?

about the same as udc.

bedford should have them.

same with compulsion cycles.

I have an '05 frame for sale in nearly new condition. Are they different from the '07’s?

Yes but not hugely. The 05 had the plate gusset and noodles on the crown, the 07 had the knurled crown and corner bracing instead of a gusset, and the bearing holders are cut down a little. I can’t imagine all that makes much difference tho.

Look at udc in UK, Roger has KH frames.

Roger ships to the US. It’s fast.

thank you for the options, and how much do you want for the frame you have pdc?

Frame and other parts:http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56386