Where to find the 2007 IUF Rulebook?

Is the 2007 IUF Rulebook already published? If yes, where to find it? On the IUF page it is not available and the latest “news” announces the release of the 2006 Rulebook.

Dunno, as far as the full rulebook goes, but if it happens that you’re looking for the 2007 hockey rules, they’re at


To my knowledge, the revised rulebook has not yet been submitted to the IUF Board of Directors for approval. The last update that I received from the chairman of the rules committee was on October 4; it said that October 5 would be the last day of voting by committee members.

Connie was working on the 2008 rulebook to have it ready for a meeting with Unicon organizers this past weekend (or the weekend before). Don’t know if she was able to get it finished or not, but when it’s done the IUF board and Rules Committee should be the next to know, to give it the final once-over before it gets approved and goes public.

The update process is where we take the results of all the Rules Committee proposals that passed, and add them to the book. This is very easy for some proposals, but involves major structural reorganization for others.

There was no 2007 rulebook. Generally we get a new one every two years, to fit the Unicon schedule. Some areas, like Hockey and Trials, are on faster schedules. Though the in-between versions are not official IUF versions, we have generally accepted all changes from the hockey experts (Rolf Sander and his crew) and the Trials experts (Kris Holm and his crew) as they remain at the cutting edge of those events.

To get an idea of what has changed from the 2006 to 2008 IUF rules, have a look at the Rules Committee web site:
This page starts with the list of proposals that passed, which will be integrated into the new book.

Here’s the missing link:


Uh, yeah. Thanks Tom! Lame of me.