where to find lollypop bearings

I need to find some lollypop bearings for a Savage 20". I am trying to repair it for my son,he’s gotten to big for the 16" and getting frustrated. I want to get him a Torker,but since I’ve got the Savage,I figured I’d get him started on that.

Is it the bearings or the bearing holders you need? In my experience with Savage uni’s, it’s usually the frame that gets destroyed first, right where it bolts up to the lollipops. Search the forum for past threads on this. You might also consider a new frame with main-caps if you think he’ll be riding it awhile…it’ll definately last longer.

Well the bearings slide on the axle. My 24" Savage cracked at the lollypop mounts but this one is still in tact. I would like to replace the frame with a main cap style,but for just a little more I’d rather get him a Torker LX,I’m pretty sure he’ll be with it for a while. Just trying to piece this one together for now,since I just got my other son a 16" CX and myself a TX. Thanks for the reply,

Loctite sleeve retainer will fix that. See this thread for the details. It is not uncommon to have the bearings slide on the axle like that. A little Loctite fixes the problem. Just be sure to clean the grease and dirt off the axle and bearing so the Loctite can get a good bond.

Also about the frame breaking, put some metal zip ties around the fram to stop it from breaking, or to keep the lolipop thing inplace if it is broken.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll try those things today.