Where to find lever extensions?


I took out my 700c on it’s (and my) steepest climb to date, definitely a lung buster.

Anyway, on the descent, I noticed that it was moderately uncomfortable braking. I’m running the UDC TRP Spyre kit which has an Avid lever with a spooner on it. I then have this on the middle part of my Shadow’s T handle, all the way forward. Then I have my bar ends in as close as they can be. Braking is possible, but after a while, it gets to be a pain using your finger tips the whole way down.

What I’m looking for, is one of those right angle brake extension things you see floating around every once in a while.

Can anyone point me to where they are available? I thought Mountainuni.com had them, but just checked and don’t see any.


Nevermind, found the Delta (couldn’t think of the name) lever extensions on Mountainuni’s website (what a difficult site to navigate; for me anyways). Exactly what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

Are you looking for theese ones?:

Theese are shortened brake lever extensions made by shogun. Found them on Ebay for 5€ the pair. They are not produced anymore. They were also produced by Tioga or Tekro. Here some versions on a french side. I can find some on german ebay or amazon but not on american.
Here, here, here, here and
They don’t ship to US, but if you go to Unicon, maybe some german rider may bring you a pair. An other possibility would be to try

I found some Delta ones at Mountainuni once I looked a bit harder. But, yeah, that’s more or less what I’m looking for.

I checked Problem Solvers and they have nothing, but they might know of something.

Funny, I looked at problem solvers too. They have every other kind of adapter and retro-fit.

Anyways, the Delta one will work just fine once it gets here.

For the lazy folks (like me), here is the link of the Delta extenders on MoutainUni site. It is sold the same price as the spooner ($20).

But that is a nice challenge to find it somewhere else at b*ke parts price :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, got one left

Yes, got one left and it’s going out today. They’ve been discontinued for some time, and I wish I could find someone to make a bunch. Unfortunately they cost more to make than can be reasonably charged for…

I’m assuming that’s the one I ordered? :smiley: Talk about lucky (usually not my case).

Too bad they’ve stopped making them. Seems quite useful, and is exactly what I’m needing.


Does anyone know if these are steel or aluminum?

I’m not a metalogist.