Where to find a self extractor bolt for KH cranks?

I was riding a while back and the little round black thing that screws into the crank on an 05 KH came off somehow. Not really sure when it happened, so I can’t exactly go looking for it. SO, where would I buy one? might my hardware store have the right thing? Unicycle.com? do I have to order one from bedford or KH themselves?


They are a reverse threaded ring with a washer in behind it. They are not something you will be able to get from a hardware store. You should be able to get replacements from your KH retailer.


Unicycle.com in Germany sell them


Maybe unicycle.com in the US sell them too, try emailing them and asking them


Iam sure if u called UDC and asked for some seperately they would giv’m to u.