Where to buy Seat Foam

I want to experiment with adding foam to my airseat. Where does one buy uncut foam usable for such a purpose?

PS. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Fabric stores sell it.
(stuffing for pillows and chairs …)

Man if you find it let me know. The fabric store stuff is mostly unusable.

Thanks! I didn’t think of that.

buy a cheap bike seat. foam for furnature might be too squishy.

I was able to buy a few Miyata foam pads from Unicycle.com. It’s not in their catalog, but they had it on hand. Only way to know is email/call and ask.

I’d like to be able to get the foam pad used in the KH Fusion saddle. I think that would be a good addition to my airseat and foam saddle combo. I don’t know if the KH foam is available on its own.

I haven’t had much luck with the foam at fabric stores and foam stores that primarily sell foam for bedding and stuffing. The type of foam they carry isn’t the right stuff for a unicycle saddle.

Thick carpet padding would also be an option.

Some people use Neoprene (like used for wetsuits). A couple layers of Neoprene foam stacked on each other. The problem with Neoprene is that it will eventually squish as flat as a crepe and have no more cush. At that point you have to replace the Neoprene with new Neoprene. Several people in the TCUC use Neoprene in their saddles.

Neoprene can be expensive. You may be able to find thick enough Neoprene from old used wetsuits or something like that for a good price. Otherwise it is pretty expensive to get.

Closed cell padding from a camping pad (sleeping pad) would also be an option. But you’ll have the same problem as with the Neoprene. It will eventually squish as flat as a crepe and fail to ever bounce back again.

Re: Where to buy Seat Foam

Last time I looked for seat foam I asked the owner of my local
plastics store, Fort Collins Plastics. Even though he doesn’t sell
foam, he suggested a specific kinnd of foam and gave me the number of
a foam company in Denver. This sounded very promising, but as it
worked out I didn’t need to follow up since I found a sheet of
acceptable foam at a friend’s boot-fitting shop which was conveniently
(though sadly) going out of business.

By the way, the foam I ended up with is quite stiff. It works fine in
an air seat, but I would not recommend it for general padding.


A while back someone in our club cut some saddle padding out of what I believe was a canoeist’s knee-rest. I don’t know where he got it, or how durable it turned out to be, but it felt nice and comfortable. It was a fairly firm foam.


I smell the blood of an… never mind.

This is an idea that’s been kicking itself around in my mind for quite a while. I can’t remember whether it was ever discussed on the forums or not.

Would it work to build up a pad by laying down layers of silicone caulk? You could trap pockets of air inside and build it up into an ergonomic shape, if such a thing exists in a unicycle saddle. How sturdy is a big mass of silicone caulk? Would it tear or break up too easily under riding stress?

A liitle off-topic but has anybody tried diapers…Basically, shove it under your shorts…Good cushioning and its disposable especially good for multi-day tours…

That Depends…oh, never mind.

Mike: I wonder if the Corbin company in Holister would have it? they make custom motorcycle seats, and they might have some good foam available (plus, it might even be free if they have scraps or extras they don’t want). www.corbin.com

–corbin (no relation to www.corbin.com)

The best place to look would be a company that specialise in foam, such as Sondor Industries
Unfortunatly for you they are a south african based company, so thats not much help, but this is the type of company you need to get in contact with.

Re: Where to buy Seat Foam

On Thu, 12 May 2005 02:51:26 -0500, “Denali” wrote:

>A liitle off-topic but has anybody tried diapers…Basically, shove it
>under your shorts…Good cushioning and its disposable especially good
>for multi-day tours…

Don’t let anyone find out though. :slight_smile:

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Very clever! You know, that sure would solve the having-to-stop-and-pee problem I face after sucking down a Camelpack full of water :smiley:

I don’t think motorcycle seat foam would do the trick… motorcycle seats are much larger and can accomodate more foam, and don’t need to be as squishy 'cause the butt-to-seat ratio is usually, er, well covered.

My g/f got a sample of “memory foam” in the mail from a company that sells mattresses made of that material. They advertise on TV that they’re using NASA-developed technology (their name is evading me at the moment)… this foam does compress quite a bit but would be a better candidate for use than ordinary furniture foam.

What about those fancy Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts? They’re available in foam rubber and gel… way comfy. We should give the Dr. a call!

It started as a joke a few weeks ago, (other unicyclists pulling by leg), and it occured to me that it might work…
So, I tried it and unfortunatelyeverybody knew and I became the “butt” of many a joke…My tests are still inconclusive but I should know after my ride this weekend. :slight_smile:

The company is Tempur-pedic. There are different weights in this type of foam. I was also wondering if anyone has tried this foam. It can be purchased in the form of a matress topper or pillow depending how much you want. http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=STATICPAGE&PAGE_ID=2118