where to buy koxx 1

im might be going to somewhere in europe at the end of the year or near

im wondering where i could buy koxx 1 parts so i can make a custom uni

id want to buy it from a shop


Ok first thing is this is meant to be in unicycling.rec and second: Go to http://www.koxx-one.com/ the click english on the sides. Then at the bottom there is a line of things, click shops. On the left it says France or World. Unless your going to France click worldwide, select country and it will show where it is if you click on a shop. BE CAREFUL some say Unicycle.uk.com and some say something like koxx. So if you want koxx parts choose one of the koxx ones. Hope i helped :smiley:

I think there is another K-124 house in another country than France. go on www.k-124house.com to see if there is another shop…If it didn’t help you, search on google or on www.koxx-one.com

www.unicycle.com.au for Australia!

We don’t have any parts in yet though.

When will koxx au get parts?

yeah kevin… when will we get some k1 parts??!

if your in Paris theres also a shop called passe passe, i got my koxx from there.

can u get separate parts?

What is this French forum? I might take a look to it:)

what is bad about passe passe?

Thanks, I didn’t know it has a forum there.

any where else i can buy in Paris?

It says one their website that there is also franscoop and mountain biker. Now im not sure wether that list is just unicycle stores so i would need confirmation from another momber cause they have a few stores that sell bikes and yuni’s.

www.K-124house.com , they have a shop in Paris it’s called Koxx-124 house :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue: it’s written on their site their adress and their phone number.

this on the site and its wrong

K-124House Paris
9 rue Pierre Dupont
75010 Paris France
Open From Tuesday to Saturday - 10 AM to 7 PM
Phone: (+33) 140 357 547
Mail: infoparis@k-124house.fr

i went there and they had moved out, but the shops are in the south of France and out past Disney land or something

but is the email right? because i will email them to find the shop:)

and thanks to everyone that helped:)

do not buy from passepasse - for the reasons said and that the owner is a complete @$$hole, for one thing he was caught having sex with a minor under the stage at BJC 2007

but they don’t put there logo on the thing that they sale to u right?