Where to buy KH bearings

Hi, I did a search which included

“KH bearing buy”

So i’m sorry if it was already posted or its a stupid question but where can one buy KH 20x42 bearings?

prefurably online with shipping express shipping options. I need one by saturday. (trip comming up)

No offense, but the answer is rather obvious. At a bearing store. Read the label on the seal to get the size and bring it in. They might just give you the bearings.

I kinda live in a small town, I was hopping to order from an online source, gas to go into a larger town would cost just as much as shipping.

doesnt unicycle.com have any?

The Summits and 2004 KHs use 6004 bearings (42mm outer diameter, 20mm inner diameter, 12mm width). The options for the bearing will be rubber seals or metal seals. Rubber seals are better for unicycles that get used outside. The type of seal is added to the end of the bearing number. ZZ for double metal seals and 2RS for double rubber seals. You want 6004-2RS 42x20x12 bearings.

There are local bearing shops in the Portland area and probably some places near McMinnville. Look in the yellow pages for bearings.

Here’s a possibility in Carlton:
(503) 852-6030

Give them a call and see if they sell to the public and have the correct bearing.

An option in Portland is:
Bearing Service Co
1040 NW Everett St
Portland, OR 97209-3183
(503) 222-1366

Call them up and see if they sell to the public and if they can mail it to you. Getting it mailed from Portland will be faster than getting it from some place across the US.

Applied Industrial Technologies
5041 NW Front Av
(503) 248-1700

I’ve gotten bearings from them. They have a warehouse in Seattle. If I need a bearing quick that’s where I go cause I can drive there and pick it up. They can also mail the bearings but they’re more oriented to dealing with businesses than random customers from the street.

You can also ask a local bike shop where you can get bearings. They generally need to know where to get bearings for full suspension bikes and such.


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Hey arn’t these KH bearings?

If they can handle the loads of a unicycle, ect. I’ll buy them.

They’re the right size and type. Really good price.
But you need a bearing by Saturday. Can they ship fast enough so you can get the bearings in time? They’re based in Anaheim California.

Yeah, I did 3day UPS and i live in oregon, so it shouldn’t be to much of a problem.


i’ll pick them up for you here in Salem at the UPS hub :astonished: