Where to buy foam?

Does anyone know where I can buy foam for a seat?

and or gel?

Dude screw that, all you need is 2 pot holders and plenty of dect tape. It sounds really ghettolicious but it works really really well.

First just duct tape the first pot holderall over with it on your seat and then do the second of another layer, doing it two different times will help it stay on

                     Chase     POW

Dude, you totally need to visit the Economy Foam Center at the intersection of Houston and Allen Streets in NYC. They rock! As a kid I dreamed of taking over the business and being the foam tycoon of Lower Manhattan. Ah, if only college hadn’t gotten in the way.

While you’re there stop in at Russ & Daughters and pick up some whitefish and maybe some lox. Stop by Moishes’ for some bagels and bialies and then have a hot dog at Katz’s Deli (don’t forget the Dr Brown’s Cel-Ray to wash it down).

If you have the time wander down Orchard Street and you can get a deal on a nice pair of slacks.

Dude…totally use carpet backing foam available at carpet and home improvement stores. Or buy a cheap gel bike seat or pad and cut it up if you wanna go that way. IN my experiences gel is a pain to work with and needs to be layered about 3 times to be thick enough. Just let everyone know how the gel works out…


do you know where to buy gel??? i have been looking on the net for it and havnt found any:(

P.S. obie’s cool again!

You might go to an outdoors store and get the kind of gray closed-cell foam they use to pad kayaks and canoes with. It carves pretty easily and you can shape it with one of those ‘dragonhide’ paint scrapers. I sculpted a pad for my Myata (sp?) seat. The foam comes in blocks of various sizes, but it’s not soft, squishy stuff- might be denser than you’re looking for.

A friend of mine padded a kayak helmet with some kind of foam that he got from a prothstetic limb company. It’s soft, squishy, fleshy colored and NOBODY asks to borrow his helmet, no matter how comfortable.

Thats 3/8’’ thick, so 3-4 layers would do nicely, depending on what kind of seat you want. It’s prolly fairly dense though. Go to EMS or somewhere and squeeze a bunch of different pads, then go somewhere cheaper and buy one. You could get the one I listed, and it would be enough for like 10 seats. It’s 4 bucks, but would be like 8 to ship…

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Gel = closed cell foam. It can be of various densities.

The padding in a Miyata seat is essentially the same as carpet padding. But I prefer air to foam. Or air with some backup foam under it. Or air with some backup gel under it, but that brings up the weight again.

Then I’ve seen pretty good foam carving results when using an electric carving knife. You can do it with scissors, but it gets pretty tedious and frustrating.

Dude, thanks for this. It, like, totally turned my day around. :sunglasses: