Where to buy a unicycle

Hi, I’m getting a new unicycle very soon and need to be sure of what I should I should get and where. I’ve looked into Bedford unicycles and municycle.ca. I have pretty much decided on a Nimbus Isis trials with moments from municycle.ca, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other places to get a comparable unicycle? The bike shops say that they can get a beefy norco for $270. Are these any good? I just want a few more opinions.

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a Norco. I learned on one, but they’re too weak to stand up to anything serious.

Just go with municycle.ca. They’re awesome:D

Edit: I’ve never bought anything from Bedford, so I don’t want to make them sound bad, but I’m just really happy with municycle.ca.

There are probably several dozen threads with identical titles, and there’s a search box at the top right of the page. You’ll probably find better advice there than people will give for the several dozen’th time here.

And just to balance things out: I have bought several unicycles and other unicycling things from Bedford and I want to make Darren sound great. Darren is great! www.bedfordunicycle.ca