where to buy a uni in hamilton ontario?

does anyone know anywhere to buy a uni in hamilton ontario not online?

A: spell/punctuate better. Why should I take the time to help if you can’t take the time to communicate effectively?

B: Phone around at local bike stores. They will often have a junkie unicycle for less than $100 in stock. If you want a medium/high level unicycle, either you buy online or used.

Brian MacKenzie

hey ramon, i thought u lived in TO? cant u just go to bedford uni?

Drive, or get someone to drive you the 50 km, to Bedford, for chris’sakes!

Spend $17 on a Go-Bus ticket.

$17 gets you there and back, if you get a group of like 4 people, you can get a group pass, which is significantly cheaper.

@ www.unicycle.com of course.

And have to deal with high shipping costs, duties, import tax, brokerage fees, and longer shipping times when he lives within biking distance of the largest Unicycle dealer in Canada?

Go Bedford or if you can wait for Brian to open shop www.canadainunicycling.com

I stand corrected.

Edit: Well actually I sit corrected.