Where to buy a new GMuni

I have a 36" Guni and am seriously considering a 24" or 26" GMuni with the new improved Schlumpf hub.
However, no-one seems to be advertising these for sale - Not even Uni.com.

Anyone have any leads?

Try posting in the Trading Post section and make a Wanted post. Although Schlumpfs are rare to see sold, and even rarer sold in a current uni. Most people keep em! But you never know.

Compulsion cycles has them in stock right now: http://www.compulsioncycles.com/Hub/ISIS/Schlumpf

You might also try Bronson Silva. He builds gunis in whatever size you want. He may or may not have a hub currently in stock, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Another recommendation for silva cycles

An’So has one in stock. She is in Vancouver Canada. They are $1550.00 USD. Her contact email is: unicycles@ebikes.ca.