"Where no MUni has gone before...."

Went to Vasques Rocks this last Saturday to shoot some footage for a little Star Trek spoof, since the location was used for at least one famous episode. Then Sunday, I rode MUni at a local trail with Jeremy, visiting from Mass., and then we went to Venice beach for more fun one-wheeling and Jetty-jumping! (way sandy-slippery on the rocks!) I was very impressed with J’s riding skills!

It was a very fun-filled day of riding, and we both had pinch flats! There’s not a lot of high-flying crazy stuff-we just had a blast and so I’m posting this here since half of it is the Muni-Trek spoof. The parody is really corny, but that’s how I planned it. Right down to the bad wig and cutout “phaser”. And look for a “guest-starring” role by Jeremy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Watch past the end credits to see us “busted” by the cops! :astonished:

Comments are appreciated! Thanks all! :D:)


Haha, nice video Terry. I hate it when the rocks are wet and sandy. It makes riding them that much harder. Watch it around those edges BTW, you might lose your uni or fall in.

Yeah, after seeing Jackie’s last fall I’m a lot more aware of the dangers! Here’s the wardrobe for “Captain James T. Unigeezer” :stuck_out_tongue:



Wow 77 views already but only 2 comments, and one was Jeremy who was in the video lol. Comon guys we worked are butts off to make this. :o

It would seem that Jeremy is stealing all your comments.

Haha that’s ok, I got yours! :slight_smile: I knew about him putting that thread and even asked him to emphasize leaving comments lol! Seems that helped. I guess it doesn’t really matter which thread the comments go to, as long as I get some, it’s all good!:smiley: And in just 3 hours since posting it, there’s been nearly 200 views, so that’s pretty decent!

Here’s the Youtube version as Jackie requested. If you go the the actual yotube page you can watch it in HQ by clicking that at the bottom right of the screen.:slight_smile:


Here’s a cookie.

Always love your videos. Especially when they are at the site of the worlds worst fight scene! haha:D

Your vocal skills are impressive and humorous, to say the least. I could’ve done without the wig though.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks yeah that place is really used a lot in films.

Thanks.The wig was, of course, a goof on the well-known fact that Shatner wears a toupee. I tried to find one closer to Shat’s, but had no luck, plus, I paid $22 for that wig for a bit that was used once! That’s how devoted I am to making fun videos haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I need to spend LOTS more on a real editing program and an HD camcorder, so I can make much better picture and sound quality videos.:smiley:

you could spend $500 on an editing program or you could download Sony Vegas Pro 8 trial and then download the keygen for it. Of course i would never do that ;). Great video

hey, can u download that to a mac? :smiley:

Terry, too funny… good thing to know im not alone in being “kookie” lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thanks, I did download one of the really good editing software full trial versions, (I think it was pinnacle) but I could not figure it out! I really need something EASY to use, like movie make has spoiled me because it’s just soooo super easy to use.

awesome video :smiley: i cant wait to get een nearly that good

for editing you cant get a better combination of easiness to use and lots of effects than adobe premier pro, just use a keygen :wink:
you cant pick up adobe premier elements for around $80 if your against keygens though…

That spoof intro is an absolute classic, loved it! Thanks Terry!

Loved it here and and in the “Videos” section of this forum too…

Yeah maybe I should buy a mac specifically for movie-making? I hear they are great for that. And yes, I admit it…I’m crazy…for MUni! :smiley:

Yeah actually that’s the one I downloaded as a full trial version with no limitations. I couldn’t figure out how to use it lol! Maybe I should take a class in video editing and learn from scratch.:o

Thanks so much! I love Star Trek TOS! :slight_smile:

Haha thanks yeah Jeremy posted it in the vid section. I had the trek parody half made from the vasquez rocks footage before he arrived in town, and so I was going to try to get a hiker or mtb guy to play the other part. But Jeremy did a great job and I’m glad he did it instead!:smiley:

What muni was Jeremy on?

The same one I was going to lend YOU if you had made the trip down here, lol!:stuck_out_tongue: (Mr. Orange!)