Where my Texas friends at?

Alright im new to this site but i can only hope somone responds to this thread. I live in north Texas (Allen Tx to be exact) and me and my friends have been tearin it up as best we can. I’ve already broken 2 unicycles and finally got one that won’t let me down (Torker all day!), so now were tearing it up even more. However just unicycling alone or with a friend of mine gets boring and so does going the same spots. Thats why we have started going to different cities and looking for spots no one is at (we usually go at night). So I heard about this site from this guy who has been unicycling for a while now and he told me that there are more unicyclist out there you just have to find them. So here I am, I’m calling out any and all unicyclist (skill doesnt matter because from what I’ve seen i got a lot to learn) in texas who want to get together and just freakin unicycle. I myself have a new torker 24" and i’m really wanting to do some unicycling this summer so if anyone reading this wants to meet up I’m down just hit me up on this site i guess and let me know whats up. I really want to know more about unicycling so if nothing else I can learn a lot from just hanging out with ya’ll. So hit me up on the low low:D and I seriously hope at least one person responds because I have no way to gauge myself except for wathcing kris holm and ryan atkins videos on youtube. By the way if you were wondering how ill my skills are… I just jumped a 4 stair the other day, 1st try no big deal :sunglasses:

keep looking through youtube, there are several unknown riders on there that you could guage your skill against…also the IUF skill standards, the unicyclopedia, ect(unicyclopedia is part of wikipedia, just do a google search for it, it covers most of the riding styles and has a street skill levels list…)

im sure several people will respond to this thread, good luck…

i actually know how many other people in my town uni(3, including me) and towns are so far apart here it wouldn’t really be worth it to try to find anyone else(actually, im the only serious unicyclist here, i think,(not sure about guy #3, but person #2 isn’t getting anywhere with skills, tricks, muni, ect.))

just check on this thread in a couple days, and explore the rest of the forums! :smiley:

actually, it looks like thats what you’re doing, nvm…

Hi The UniSLAB,

I and two of my friends (monkeyman and spazdude2222 on the forums) live outside of Dallas and ride. We’re about your skill level - I just rolling hopped a 4set for the first time a couple weeks ago. This is a video we all made not long ago if you want to see us:

(My part is the second one)

Holler back.

Hey uniSLAB, I’m the guy dudewithasock was talking about…I’m gone right now visiting my dad, but I’ll be back early July…Matt, Sam, and I all live in the Rowlett/Garland area. We should all get together and ride some time.

Thanks for responding

Badass some other unicyclers that live in texas, awesome! No but seriously we should go unicycling some time. I see that you guys have 20" uni’s but thats cool, I got a 24" so I’m real interested to see if I can do some of that stuff. By the way Just so you guys know I knocked down this sick ass 6 stair earlier today… no big deal no what Im sayin?:smiley: Hit me up later

Austin has a lot of riders.
There’s at least 5 Coker riders
There’s at least 5 street riders
There’s at least 5 muni riders

Hopefully, we are going to start regularly doing uni hocky and bball as well.
If you are interested in Austin, just let me know and I can give you more info.

Also San Antonio has a bunch of riders as well
(but that’s an extra 2 hours roundtrip drive for you).

Not sure how many riders are in Houston.
I really only know of 1.5 of them.

Austin and San Antonio have great trails (if you muni at all).
As far as street, I think Houston is the best city for street riding (by far).

Awesome! San Antonio sounds great cause thats what i have is a 24" muni so that sounds like a lot of fun. Also my brother is going to be moving down to Austin pretty soon and having somewhere to stay down there will help out a lot. Although I’m not sure when the next time I’ll be down there, but its summer so you never know. I think this is great that there are a lot of riders here in texas and I can’t wait to go ride with ya’ll. Infact, I’m gonna go practice right now…

Just so you know, the whole same color text as the background thing is really annoying. Okay, thanks.

Just don’t read what he says. I don’t.

Yay for Austin!!

Grats on the 6-stair…rolling hopped down it? Impressive.

Alex is out of state right now, but when he gets back maybe we could talk about setting something up.