Where is the pedal under your foot?

I learned with the pedal under the ball of my foot. (on a basic 24" in the days before all of these cool options, ie Cokers and MUnis) Then someone here suggested better stability if they were under the arch, so I practiced that way and its true. Braking from high speed is far easier.

Now I move back and forth depending upon the style of riding. I find that somewhere in between is a good compromise. I get shock absorption when hopping, calf muscles are more effective, and still benefit from added stability and braking…

On a Coker: square under arch
On a MUni: somewhere in between
Basically never up under the balls of the feet anymore.

Watching closely the Universe video I notice those maniacs have different preferences. (Also, thanks for including the outtakes of yall crashing. I was thinking it was just me.)


I ride with my pedal sort of in the middle near the front of my foot (if u no what i mean) :stuck_out_tongue:

Pedalling preference

I prefer to mostly use the balls of my feet over the Pedals. I find it is faster like that and it feels more natural. On previous unicycles with thinner tires and useless pedals, I would move my feet forwards so that the front of the heel pushed against the back of the pedal when encountering rough hills or obstacles. I tended to not have my feet thrown off the pedals so often with them under the arch. With a decent set of pedals I find myself not hardly ever moving my feet forward since they stick nicely in place where I want them.

I learnt with the archs of my feet over the pedals.
I now use the balls of my feet, I find it gives more control, plus it’s more comfortable.

I have flat feet. I believe I ride with the pedal somewhere on the border of the ball of my foot and where the arch would begin its upward slope.

Raphael Lasar
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I cramp up on steep inclines if I put the pedal under the arch of the foot.

I’m all about arch

just back towards the heel from the middle of my foot,

I like the stability over the control, I get the missing control by lowing the seat.

I ride with the pedals under the ball of my foot or just slightly behind the ball of my foot

Looks like you answered your own question there :p:p

Seriously now, I have mine bang under the ball of my foot. Any further back and I loose control and find it uncomfortable, further forwards and my foot slips off the back.

I’m starting to work on seat out front and here’s a comment from that page at unicycling.org:

If you don’t ride with the balls of your feet on the pedals, now is a good time to start.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Re: Where is the pedal under your foot?

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>'If you don’t ride with the balls of your feet on the pedals, now is a
>good time to start. ’ (http://tinyurl.com/e2a7)

Good point. That way, there is more ‘stretch’ in your legs to raise
yourself sufficiently high to bring out the seat.

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I ride with the pedal under the ball of my feet. If the pedal is under my arch, my foot cramps.


I always use the balls of my feet. I tried to learn on the arch, but then I switched and learned much quicker.


If you ride I think the best place to have your foot is somewhere around the balls of your feet. When you are stunt riding, like hopping around you should have the pedal at the arch on your feet, if not when you hop off something you might crack the tendon or bone down the side of your foot.

I try to keep it under the ball of my foot but it often creeps forward of I am doing something I am nervous of :thinking:

How long have you been riding?

I have been able to ride a bit since the end of 2008… but I would say riding properly since the start of 2011 :slight_smile:

For me, the pedal is under the arch, without fail. Sometimes when I mount, my feet are oddly placed either to the side or too far back/forward, and I immediately move them square and center.

I ride distance on my Coker, and I find greater stability with the arch. I’ve tried riding under the ball, but bumps jostled me more and made me more cautious with my speed; I don’t want caution!