Where is Terry?

I am not on this forum every day, but I don’t think I have seen a post from Muniaddict for over a month. Doesn’t seem like him. Has anybody seen or ridden with him lately?

I’ve heard from him…

Haven’t seen him though…:stuck_out_tongue:

where’s J.C?



He responded within a post of his over here yesterday.

I saw his you tube video about his new Guni. Look up unigeezer and schlumpf. You will probably find it.

maby hes got the guni stuck in high and cant slow it down ? :smiley:

He is just out enjoying muni I think :slight_smile:

He’s perfecting his Guni skills so he can tontine to put out a video every 3 hours without looking like he can’t ride the thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, he’s probably enjoying his new Guni, I know I would be.

With his other wheel! :smiley:

I think he is enjoying riding his new 26er GUni. I subscribe to his YouTube channel and saw that he added a couple new videos. I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing them here and in the Schlumpf hub “general discussion” thread.

This first one has a nice tutorial on crank and shift button installation (very helpful for us “less mechanically inclined” people) along with some great riding footage. I really liked it when he shifts into overdrive and pulls away very quickly.

The second video provides a solution (Hint: Aluminum tape! Who would have thunk it?) for a problem that Kris mentioned a while back with mud clogging the shifting button holes making it difficult to get the 2mm allen key to turn the set screw. The second half of this video shows a close-up of shifting in action much like (but with Terry’s on brand of flare) the ones done by lunicycle (miss that guy! I think he’s given up MUni for the dark side e.g. mountainb*king) a while back.

The Mo’s gotta go

I love your work Terry, but I think the Mo’s gotta go.
Just puttin it out there.
Maybe we could start an online poll to decide it’s fate. lol

Terry has shifted his internet output to non-unicyclists, so as to recruit more people into our deviant lifestyle. Not that he doesn’t like us, but he feels that he’d be more effective by broadcasting on YouTube than preaching to the converted on Unicyclist.com.


Schlumpf - yes :smiley:
Mo - NO :astonished:

Does that mean we can have MR back now?

News Flash: Terry the Mute has succumbed to forum pressure and ditched the mo. :slight_smile:

News Flash

Terry “the Mute” Peterson has succumbed to forum pressure and ditched the mo. The mo is no mo. :slight_smile:

Has anyone read his last post???

"[I]I have the perfect name for it:

Power Glide!

Last post.[/I]"


That’s 2 votes against the mo.


I don’t care about the mo!

Come back please! I (we) miss your nice videos,photos and posts!

Regards from Portugal!